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VIEWFAX - By J.Valentine 12/87 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Viewfax is a program which enables you to create your own teletext system, browse through its pages and edit them. When the program is loaded, you will be asked the date and time. The time takes the form of hours and minutes. So, to tell it that the time is 2.18pm, you would type "1418". 9.58am would be "0958". After you have entered the date and time, Page 100 will be loaded from disc. This will have the WACCI logo and a few other things, and will remain that way until you change (edit) the page. Viewfax operates in two modes: View mode and Edit mode (the mode is indicated next to the time and the top-right of the screen). VIEW MODE: ~~~~~~~~~~ Typing a 3-figure page number will make Viewfax load that page from disc and display it on the screen. Press "C" to create a page. You will be prompted for a 3-figure page number. A blank page (a 2K binary file), will be saved to disc, and you will be put into Edit mode. Press "E" to enter Edit mode. EDIT MODE: ~~~~~~~~~~ You will be prompted for a 3-figure page number which will correspond to the page you wish to edit. The page will then be loaded from disc, and put onto the screen for editing. The Cursor keys move the cursor around. The Return (enter) and Delete keys do not behave as usual, and the numeric keypad keys have been redefined to give you 36 graphics characters. Pressing CTRL with some of the letter keys will give Greek characters. A table of the key settings is on page 101 (because it takes less memory than putting a table here). Press CTRL+Q to return to View mode Press CTRL+U to update the page (erase, then save) Press CTRL+W to wipe the page (to current pen & paper settings) COLOUR: As the program works in Mode 1, it is not possible to have the full 8-colour teletext. To colour a particular square, place the cursor over it and press one of the following (with CTRL pressed) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 PEN 0 PEN 1 PEN 2 PEN 3 PAPER 0 PAPER 1 PAPER 2 PAPER 3 The Pen and Paper work together, so if you have them set to Pen 1 and Paper 2, pressing CTRL+8 will make it Pen 1 and Paper 3. These keys auto-repeat (will keep working when you hold them down), so making it easier to paint a block of the screen. NOTES: 1) Make a copy of Viewfax and P100 onto a separate disc when you first use the program. That way you will have much more room for your pages. 2) Page numbers are always 3 figures long, eg. P021, P700, P988, P001 etc. Have fun...

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