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Nosferatu The Vampyre
Nosferatu El Vampiro

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NOSFERATU THE VAMPYRE by Design Design Based on the film Nosferatu the Vampyre by 20th Century Fox. The book of the film is published in Picador by Pan Books Ltd. LOADING Spectrum 48k LOAD "" <ENTER> Spectrum 128k Select BASIC 48 then LOAD "" <ENTER> Commodore 64/128 SHIFT RUN/STOP Amstrad CPC 464/664 CTRL + small ENTER Disc machine | (SHIFT + @) tape then CTRL + small ENTER When the first part has loaded stop the tape. The program is menu-driven. To save a game, quit, insert a blank cassette in the recorder, then follow screen instructions. If you die during the game, you can either load a saved game and continue, or restart from the beginning in Dracula's castle. There are three parts to your struggle to overcome the Vampyre: DRACULA'S CASTLE You are Jonathan Harker, an innocent employee of the estate agent Renfield. Count Dracula wishes to buy a house in your home town, Wismar. You have been sent to his castle to complete the sale, only to discover the Count's true identity - he is a Vampyre! Now you must act fast to protect yourself and the inhabitants of Wismar from his power. If Nosferatu moves into the house he could soon take control of the whole town and turn the innocent inhabitants into vampyres! You left the deeds to the house on the dining room table, but they have disappeared. You must find them and escape as soon as you can. Nosferatu is most dangerous at night when the castle doors are locked. You cannot escape until the light of day, when the Vampyre lies low. Meanwhile you may have to contend with vampyre beasts, plagued rats, and hallucinations created by Nosferatu for your confusion. You can find weapons and objects to aid your survival, but fighting the evil beasts will sap your energy. THE TOWN OF WISMAR Here you control Jonathan Harker, Lucy Harker and Van Helsing (Lucy's brother- in-law and admirer). Choose 1, 2 or 3 to change character control. Nosferatu has been drawn to Wismar by Lucy's special power of attraction. Unknown to Jonathan, her husband, and Van Helsing, she is the only one who can destroy him. You must keep her alive in order to win the game. To ensure both Lucy's survival and the protection of the Wismar townsfolk, the two men must destroy the growing number of plagued rats and kill or keep at bay those inhabitants who have already succumbed to the Vampyre's power. A population count is made during the game to measure your success. Remember, if Nosferatu still holds the deeds to the house, he will have a safe base from which to operate his blood-hunting, and will be extremely powerful. If you managed to retrieve the deeds from his castle in the first part of the game, then the Count will be forced to roam the streets and take shelter from the daylight where he can - in disused houses, cellars, etc. If he is trapped for long enough without taking victims, Nosferatu's bloodlust will grow stronger and his desire for Lucy more irresistable. You can then take the opportunity to lure him to Lucy's house and his ultimate destruction. If Nosferatu does not have the deeds to the house, he may try to regain them by seeking out the estate agent, Renfield. Renfield, now sadly in a mental asylum, could agree to Nosferatu's request. It is up to Jonathan and Van Helsing to keep Renfield protected by laying garlic around the asylum. They must not neglect their duty - in Renfield's unstable condition he could undo their work. What do you have to help you in the seemingly endless battle against the growing threat of vampyres and plague in the town? Garlic, of course, will keep the vampyres at bay, but to kill them you need stakes. A supply of stakes may not be readily available so you must improvise. Remember, as an employee of the Estate Agent, Jonathan alone may have access to some useful items there. Should you manage to move Lucy in safety towards her house, discover Nosferatu's whereabouts and lure him with you, then the final part of the ordeal begins. LUCY'S HOUSE As Lucy, you alone can destroy the Vampyre. Jonathan and Van Helsing are unaware of your destiny and, with your best interests at heart, will try to keep you away from Nosferatu. You must lock them away in your house before you can proceed. Bear in mind that although united in their vampyre-hunting, the two men share a love for Lucy. Once they are out of your way, you can take Dracula to your room in the east side of the house for the final hours of your nightmare. If you manage to keep Dracula with you until the light of dawn his reign will come to an end. Program, packaging and documentation (C) 1986 Macmillan Ltd. This program is protected by the Laws of Copyright. Any unauthorised copying or reproduction is strictly illegal. This program may not be offered for hire or load. For more information on PIRANHA games contact: Richard Bason Piranha Software 4 Little Essex Street London WC2R 3LF (Tel: 081-836 6633)

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