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Easi-Sprite Driver

Last Update : Monday 30 January 2017 at 11 h 13

Manual n° 1

Real size : 310 * 897 px = 75.3 Ko

Manual n° 2

Real size : 906 * 1302 px = 164.63 Ko

Manual n° 3

Sprite Driver Sean McManus of Stevenage, Herts., has come up with a program in response to recent pleas within the pages of AA. His Sprite Driver program is just the thing to liven up your BASIC games. The sprites are full colour XORed sprites (print the same again to delete the original), and are limited to using text co-ordinates. The sprites are referred to as numbers from zero to 126. They must first be created. Use any art package, programming language or sprite definer as long as they can be put up onto the screen from BASIC. The GRAB command can be used to lift the graphic from the screen and store it for use with the sprites. The information it needs is X co-ordinate, Y co-ordinate, Width in bytes, Height in pixels and address in memory to store it. |GRAB,x,y,w,h,a The sprites are defined with SDEF. It links each Sprite number with the Address it's been grabbed to. |SDEF,s,a To print a sprite onto the screen the SPRITE command is used. Just tell it the Sprite number and the X and Y co-ordinates to position it to. |SPRITE,s,x,y X and Y co-ordinates start at the top left of the screen (0,0) and extend to the bottom right (79,24). The program launches straight into a demonstration. You can save the RSXs as a block of code with SAVE "code",b,40000,272. Reload it with: MEMORY 39999:LOAD"code":call 40000

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