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Kadimakara - Creatures Of The Dreaming

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Kadimakara is a unique window into our prehistory allowing students to discover the world of Australian dinosaurs, the giant short-faced kangaroo, the 7-metre goanna and the family of diprotodons.
The package contains a full colour screen illustrated guide (Picturebase) to fifty of Australia's most interesting antediluvian fauna beginning with the trilobite, through the giant amphibians, to the dinosaurs and ending with the 'mega-fauna', along with Timeline software covering the last 500 million years of our prehistory with information about the periods in which the animals lived. There's also a teacher's guide supplying dozens of ideas and a detailed guide to resources.

Supplementary software includes a program to print out a 25 page 'skeleton' time line, 8 files to use with Satchel's 'Word Hunt' program, 2 Tree of Knowledge trees and a Story Paths' starter file.


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