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Castle, Adventure type game.
Cedric, Two player game, you must match the toys.
Dabells, Guide Mr Humpy across the screen.
Destroy, Depth-charge the subs before they get you.
Eggblitz, Clear the runway of scouts before you land.
Isobot, Find the crystals and escape.
Meltdown, Strategy type game.
Metro, Draws a Metro car.
Music, Moonlight sonata by Beethoven.
MusicDocs, Music on the CPC help file.
Plumber, Reconnect the pipework.
Spelling, Educational Spelling game.
Stars, Animation experience.
War, Fight and win or lose.
3D-TTT, 3D Tic Tac Toe.
AlleyCat, Sort the cats into order.
Anno, Calculate feasts, moons & calendars.
BIO, Draws Biorhythms.
C4, Connect style game.
HTowers, Towers of Hanio.
Jackpot, Fruit Machine Simulation.
Knight, Move the knight around the chess board.
Nim, Take the last match to win.
NineMen, Variation of nought's and cross's.
Proverbs, Complete the proverbs to win.
Solitare, The game.
Yahtze, A game with dice.
Bottles, Variation of hangman.
Flags, Flags of the world - well some anyway.
Thomas, A.I. on the CPC and not a tank engine.
Pontoon, A very popular card game.
Time, Enter the correct time to win.
BBCemulation, Make your CPC look like a BBC.
LunarLanding, Land your craft but don't crash.


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