GAME -> Shoot'Em Up
© Firebird (1987)
Thunder Zone

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CTM644 Colour Monitor
GT65 Green Monitor



GAME -> Shoot'Em Up               

O & P - to Select where you want to move the ship by Rolling the Selector in the Oval Pannel
Q - to Move that Direction
A - Select which Item from the Icon Pannel (1=Lasers, 2=Gamma Weapon, 3=Shields, 4=Scoop Weapon, 5=Hyper Drive, 6=Repair Craft).


Edité par Firebird une marque de British Telecom

- BUGS -

The Crash occurs usually when an Alien explodes Locking up the Screen (with no Computer Reset).
The game which eventually freezes at the end seems to be a problem in the original tape as well as the DSK, for much of the game I was using the Gamma Weapon as it uses less energy than the Lasers and the Scoop Weapon which uses the most energy, but is harder to destroy the enemy with the Gamma Weapon (but I seem to be a lot better at it now than when I was a kid). I switched to the Lasers at the end and that was when the trouble occurred, I'm unsure if me using the Lasers is where the trouble is within the game, but as usual the game Seizes up while destroying an Enemy Ship.

&65BD : CP (HL) -> le &BE en &AF pour sortir du Freeze
COMPILATION -> Official Two Game Disk - Thunder Zone - Think ! © Firebird (1987)

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