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- MISC -

Une démo avec seulement 3 musiques a été publié dans le discmag "Otto Issue 4"


* CHEAT MODE : cheat part
Il suffit d'appuyer sur la touche "2" pour y accéder.
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* CHEAT MODE : Hidden message
Comprend 8 fichiers ASCII :
Fichier user 1:1.DOC

You have found a not very well hidden message in my music program.
If you have found this then you will probably have seen that there are
more than one of these !!!

This is a chance for me to take the complete piss out of anyone or
anything I like and to start with I am going to take this piss out of
me !!

That sounds strange ? Of course, but then so am I. I'd have had to
be strange to compose some of the crapper tunes on this disc. !!

Oh well, at least I'm good in bed ( SEZ WHO ??? ) Sorry for the
interuption, that was a freind of mine who thinks they know what the
fuck they are talking about when they are really a complete wank stain

( BOLOX I AM ! ) Oh yeh, my friend here can't even spell properly
never mind think for themselves !!!

Oh well - End of message 1 !!!

Fichier user 2:2.DOC
Hi again !!!

Well, if this is the first message that you read then you are very
strange as most people go for number 1 first !!!

Well, I have finished beating the shit out of my friend and my hands
are now bloodying the keyboard ( I'ts my friends blood !! ) (AAGHHH)

The next thing to take the piss out of is the British Government as
they are total shits ( ALL OF THEM ) !!

Mad cow disease is shit. Politicions are shit. Roads are shit.
British transport is SHIT !! ( MIND THE GAP !! ) Everything is shit
except for the British club scene as this is the best in the WORLD !!!

End of message 2 !!

Fichier user 3:3.DOC
This is message number 3 !!!

Fuck all Bigoted pigs and all those who discriminate against anybody
for anything. There, I think that covers that. I get angry when
people take the piss out of anything different !!

Oh well, time to get serious ( BULLSHIT )

This is the Ten O Clock News -

British poeple being payed a pittance for doing shit loads of work !!!
Aliens have taken over soaps !!! ( We knew that already !! )
Eating or drinking anything can cause disease as the governments of
the world are letting all sorts of shit get into food + drink !!

End of Message 3 !!

Fichier user 4:4.DOC
COOEEE !! Message 4 here -

Before shades gets back to the computer I have to put in that he is a
total SH gfsdkjnfvdxj

Shades here - Bastards just took over the computer for a second but I
think that they will be too sore to touch anything for a while !!!


BYE !!!

Fichier user 5:5.DOC
I'm Back again and here to just tell all those shits who are deserting
the CPC to go and sit on a knife ( handle first so that they cut
themselves trying to get the knife back out !!! )

Oh well, Atari is the most shit akward thing on this earth, so I sold
the one I had and got a cool new walkman ( cost £45 ) !!! and a
battery recharger !!

( This message will self destruct in 100 years !! )

Fichier user 6:6.DOC
Well fuck my boots !

I'm back for the 6th time and your'e probably wondering what the fuck
I am doing, well there was some space left on the disc, so I thought
I would fill it up by doing some very shit stuff. COP OUT !!

Music is the meaning of life !!
Sex is also the meaning of life !!
Money is ALSO the meaning of life !!

WOW three meanings of life ( ITS A SIGN !! )

Fuck off - message end !!

Fichier user 7:7.DOC
Well seduce my ancient footwear !!
Number 7 message is short -

Fichier user 8:8.DOC
This is the last message
Thanx for reading these -
Hope i didn't offend anyone ( except any politicians !! )
If you havn't run the disc - Run it now and hear some tunes man !!!!


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