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FOReVER XIII - Wolfenstrad

Last Update : Wednesday 14 April 2021 at 20 h 03

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Just a few words about this final version.
It mainly has a corrected pallete by Voxfreax we managed to fix after the submission.
Quite different and more vivid colors than what has been presented at Forever.

And then there are some additional features I should talk about. First of all, the demo loops endlessly.
At each alternate loop a dithering function is switched on the effects (I couldn't decide if dithering or no dithering looks better :P).
Then, after the first run you can press Space to enter manual control mode and O,P to rotate the view around. Oh yes, realtime baby!

This was a hard but sattisfying work that started 1.5 month ago. It's SDCC C code mixed with assembly wherever it's needed.
This project also helped me to evolve the wolfenstein engine itself which I will certain continue extending it for use in game developing.
I have two ideas I would like to work with in the future, an RPG game based on the semi-precalced/semi-realtime 360 degree rotation method around
a stable point in the map (the one you have witnessed in the manual control mode in this demo) and possibly a shooter/action adventure game based
on a truly realtime raycasting engine when I become brave to port the whole C code of the raycasting calculations in pure assembly and optimize
whatever I can further on. It's quite possible since I have seen realtime raycasting engine already in Spectrum or C64 or AtariXL but it might
need more effort from my side to final make it work without bugs and fast enough. Btw,. the greetings part as you might have figured was just
an animation sequence of which columns heights and texture coordinates to show next, not a true realtime raycasting engine. Maybe one day.

See you soon(ish), probably in a new demo and hopefully a game too.



Groupe : Dirty Minds
Codeur : Optimus
Graphiste : Dimitris FRAGKOS alias Voxfreax alias Voxy
Musicien : Sice
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