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Manchester United In Europe
Manchester United Europe

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____________________________________________________________________ | | | MANCHESTER | | UNITED EUROPE | | | | +-------------------+ | | | MANCHESTER UNITED | | | +-------______------+ | | __ |______| __ | | /|-\ | | /|-\ | | \_|/ | | \_|/ | | \ / | | +-------\/------+ | | | FOOTBALL CLUB | | | +---------------+ | | | | ENGLISH INSTRUCTIONS | | | | | | Krisalis Software Ltd | | Teque House, Masons Yard, Downs Row, Moorgate, Rotherham S60 2HD | | Telephone: 0709 372290 Fax: 0709 368403 | | All programs © 1991, Krisalis Software Ltd | |____________________________________________________________________| MANCHESTER UNITED EUROPE CREDITS Game Design Programming Peter Harrap, Neil Adamson, Peter Harrap, Shaun Tony Kavanagh Hollingworth, Mark Incley Graphics Music Neil Adamson & Mark Harrap Matt Furniss IMPORTANT 1) No More Games Much work has gone into making this product, but software piracy is slowly destroying the games industry, with many companies going out of business and projects of the depth and detail of Manchester United Europe becoming less viable. If you enjoy entertainment software of this quality then please have a sense of responsibility. Any fool can copy software... It takes a little more intelligence not to 2) Virus All Manchester United Europe disks are guaranteed to be in working order and virus free. Any disks found to be faulty at the time of purchase will be replaced. Send your details and return the disks only to Krisalis Software Ltd. Krisalis always ensure to analyse any returned disks. Note that it is the purchaser's responsibility to prevent subsequent virus infection. Always leave the disks write-protected and switch off your computer for at least 30 seconds before loading the game. Additionally, it is the purchaser's responsibility to avoid damage to the disks by irresponsible use of virus-killers. Any disks which have become damaged in these ways will be replaced at a cost of £3.00. Return the disks only, enclosing a SAE. 1 MANCHESTER UNITED EUROPE INTRODUCTION In February 1990, Krisalis Software launched Manchester United The Official Computer Game to great critical acclaim. The game has since sold over 100,000 copies and is still proving to be a must purchase for all football fans. Over the past 12 months we have received over 4000 reply cards from our customers who as well as telling us how much they enjoy playing Manchester United, provided us with many helpful hints for the follow up. Without exception all asked for a European edition. We also collected all other requests which came down to 15 major points, all of which have been implemented in Manchester United Europe. LOADING THE GAME Amiga/Atari ST Insert disk, then switch on machine IBM PC Type MUFC2 CBM 64 Disk Load "*",8,1 Cassette Shift + Runstop Spectrum Disk select loader option Cassette (128K Only) LOAD"" Amstrad Disk |CPM (press Shift @ Key followed by CPM) Cassette Control + Enter Archimedes Click on icon in desk top CONTROLS Player 1 Player 2 Amiga Joystick 1 Joystick 2 Atari ST " " CBM 64 " " Spectrum " " Amstrad " " Archimedes Follow on-screen prompts IBM " " " " 2 MANCHESTER UNITED EUROPE Amstrad with one joystick port, use keyboard for player 2. F8. Up, F2. Down, F4. Left, F6. Right, F5 or Enter. Fire. Important Note: +2A and +3 owners may experience difficulty when using 2 joysticks, as there may be some cross over of commands. This is due to a hardware fault in some computers. THE MANAGEMENT SECTION a) Upon loading select the appropriate language by moving the ball to the relevant flag and clicking the joystick fire button. b) To restore a previously saved game, click whilst the ball is over the disk icon. Alternatively, select any of the three European trophies to enter this competition and begin a new game. If you wish to change your mind after competition selection, move the ball over the "cross" icon and click. To proceed, press fire over the "tick" icon. This will take you to the main control menu. MAIN CONTROL MENU This screen contains the following icons:- a) Disk This icon allows you to save your current game position to disk or tape, depending on machine type. To cancel, and return to the main menu, click on the "cross" icon. Amiga/ST To save your game, insert a formatted disk in any drive and click on the required disk drive icon, which will take you to a further screen showing seven disks. Clicking on any of these will save your game to that position. Previously saved positions show the cup title and round number, although these may be replaced by a new game at any time. You should be careful at this point not to accidentally overwrite any valued position. Spectrum, C64, Amstrad CPC Follow on screen prompts to save game. b) Question Mark Clicking on this icon takes you to the game preference section. The screen contains the following options:- 3 MANCHESTER UNITED EUROPE i) Clock Clicking on the plus and minus symbols will increase or decrease the length of the match in the arcade section (8 Bit machines have single button). This is the total match length in real time. ii) Pitch Use this icon to set whether you wish to play the arcade section of the game, or let the computer decide your result, depending on the strengths of both teams. iii) Manager Change the name of the manager by clicking on this. Use keyboard to type in a new entry. iv) Players 4 player option only with Joystick adapter (ST & Amiga only). Clicking on this allows you to set the number of human controlled players in the arcade section. The players represent, from left to right, MUFC outfield players, MUFC goalkeeper, opposition outfield players and opposition goalkeeper. Clicking on any of these toggles between human and computer control. v) Tick Click on this to leave the preferences section. c) Blackboard This icon takes you to the tactics section. Upon selection, move the ball pointer between MUFC and the opposition team to view formation, team selection and skill levels. On the right of the screen are 4 slide bars. These represent the skil levels of Goalkeeper, Defence, Midfield and Attack for the respective team. By clicking on the plus and minus symbols, you may adjust the pointer to represent the skill rating. Clicking on the 2 arrows at the top of the screen will cycle through the formations available to you. Moving over any shirt will display the member of your squad currently picked to play in that position. Pressing the fire button at this point will allow you to swap the player for any other squad member by moving up and down the list and pressing fire again. Team and formation selection is only available for Manchester United. Click on the tick to exit this section 4 MANCHESTER UNITED EUROPE d) Statistics Selecting the MUFC player at this point displays your player statistics. The icons at the top represent, from left to right, the players goal tally (goals conceded in the case of a goalkeeper). Stamina levels, skill levels (from a total of 255 maximum on 16 Bit, 100 maximum on 8 Bit), yellow and red cards and games played in the current tournament. Move the joystick up and down to select players. Names may be changed by using keyboard to type on 16 Bit, or pressing left or right and typing on 8 Bit. e) Friendlies A single match may be played at any time, against any team in the game, by moving up or down through the list and pressing fire. To exit, move the joystick left or right. Confirm your selection by clicking the tick icon the presentation screen. Human and computer control of the two teams is also shown here; and clicking on the cross will allow you to quit if the choices are not to your liking. f) Cups Click on any trophy to view the current state of play in each competition. Moving up and down shows the full draw and moving left and right shows all rounds and results so far. g) Cross Clicking on this gives you the option to quit the current season and start again. h) Tick Clicking on this will take you to the presentation screen for your next cup match (providing you are still in the cup). You may exit by clicking on the cross or proceed to the match section by clicking on the tick. PLAYER CONTROL The player nearest the ball at any time is highlighted. This changes as the ball moves around the pitch. By moving the joystick the highlighted player moves in the chosen direction. To gain possession of the ball the player can challenge by interposing an opponent as he runs with the ball. You may challenge an opponent by use of a sliding tackle, this is performed by pressing the fire button as you run to tackle for the ball. A successful sliding tackle will result in you gaining control of the ball, an unsuccessful sliding tackle may result in a foul and caution from the Referee. 5 MANCHESTER UNITED EUROPE KICK LOGIC Quick Shot: A quick press of the fire button will produce a power shot in the direction you are travelling (with no after touch control). Controlled Shooting: You will notice that pressing and holding the fire button as you run with the ball takes away your ability to change the direction in which the player is travelling but not your ability to kick the ball in any direction you wish including back kicks. To produce a controlled shot hold down the fire button to select the strength of shot. While holding down the fire button move the joystick in the direction you want the ball to go, then move the joystick to the neutral (centre) position and release fire. Aftertouch: Aftertouch emulates a curl shot that a skillful player in real life would produce when kicking the ball. After releasing the fire button you have a short time to select aftertouch mode. This is selected by immediately moving the joystick in the direction listed below: Up - Keeps the shot on the ground Up right - Ground shot with curl to your left Up left - Ground shot with curl to your right Right - Power shot with left curl Left - Power shot with right curl Centre - Power shot Down right - Chip with left curl Down left - Chip with right curl Down - High chip One Touch Play: If the ball is free and off the ground you can play one touch football. By running in the direction of the ball and then holding down the fire button you will produce one of three actions:- 1. If the ball is at waist height you will attempt a volley shot. 2. If the ball is at head height you will attempt a power header. 3. If the ball is on the ground you will attempt a sliding shot. All three actions can produce spectacular goals or passing shots. 6 MANCHESTER UNITED EUROPE Corner Kicks: Move target to where you want the ball to go and press fire to make the shot. Use aftertouch to control the ball. Free Kicks: Move target to where you want the ball to go. Press fire to make the shot. Use aftertouch to control the ball. Throw ins: Move target to where you want the ball to land and press fire to throw. Penalties: If you have been awarded a penalty move the joystick in the direction you wish to take the penalty. Press fire and the player taking the penalty will run for the ball. Use aftertouch to control the ball. Goalkeeper: If you have selected to take control of the goalkeeper at the menu screen (selected versions) use the following joystick control method. Using the eight directions of the joystick move the keeper around the play area, pressing the fire button will enable the keeper to save or collect the ball by the most appropriate method at the time dependent on the position of the ball. Goalkeeper Penalty If a penalty has been awarded against you then use the Control: following control method:- 1. Fire and up - Dive away from you 2. Fire and down - Dive towards you 3. Fire - Keeper will defend the middle of the goal mouth. Substitutes: You can make up to two substitutions in any game. You have four substitutes on the bench to select from. Player 1 (MUFC): To warm up a substitute use key 1-4, at the next break in (Amiga, Atari ST play the substitution will be made unless you press this & Archimedes) key again to return him to the bench. Player 2 (other) Your keys are 7-0 (Amiga, Atari ST & Archimedes) At the next break in play a coach from the team selected will hold up a card. Cycle through the numbers using your 7 MANCHESTER UNITED EUROPE joystick and press fire to confirm the player coming off (Amiga, Atari ST & Archimedes only). The animated sequence of the player warming up and preparing to come on to the pitch is available to Amiga owners with 1 Meg and Archimedes only. CBM 64, Spectrum & Displayed on the screen is the letter S representing the Amstrad CPC number of the substitute and the letter P representing the number of the player to be substituted. This is duplicated for both teams. Player 1 (MUFC) Key 1 - To cycle through the number of the player to come CBM 64 on. Key 2 - To cycle through the number of the player to come off Key Q - Press to confirm Player 2 (other) Key O - To cycle through the number of the player to come CBM 64 on. Key P - To cycle through the number of the player to come off Key L - Press to confirm Player 1 (MUFC) Hold down symbol shift key and press: Spectrum Key A - To cycle through the number of the player to come on. Key S - To cycle through the number of the player to come off. Key D - Press to confirm Player 2 (other) Hold down Cap shift and press: Spectrum Key J - To cycle through the number of the player to come on. Key K - To cycle through the number of the player to come off. Key L - Press to confirm Player 1 (MUFC) Key A - To cycle through the number of the player to come Amstrad CPC on. Key S - To cycle through the number of the player to come off. Key D - Press to confirm Player2 (other) Key J - To cycle through the number of the player to come Amstrad CPC on. Key K - To cycle through the number of the player to come off. Key L - Press to confirm The substitution will be made at the next break in play. 8 MANCHESTER UNITED EUROPE Instant replays: Press F10 at any time to view the last few seconds of (Amiga I Meg & play, use F9 to change replay speed. Press F10 again to Archimedes) return. 9 _____________________________________________________________________________ | | | COPYRIGHT NOTICE | | | | This program is protected under UK copyright law and may | | not be copied, hired or reproduced, or otherwise | | modified without the consent of the copyright owner. | | | | PIRACY Any information of piracy should be passed to The | | IS THEFT Federation Against Software Theft, 071-240-6756. | |_____________________________________________________________________________|

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