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Well, you took care of Krill and returned to the Guild Hall in triumph, but
things don't look good for you at the moment. Not when you're standing
there facing the slavering jaws of a vicious hellhound! Fortunately for
you, this time, it's only a dream, so just wait, and you will wake up in
your room in the Guild Hall. Whew! However, it's a bit dark in here, so
Frotz your spellbook, get up, and head West into the hallway. Read the note
on your door if you like, although it's not all that important. It just
lets you know you are here alone. Now's a good a time as any to tell you
that not all the spells you know will be useful in the game, nor all the
potions you will find. So unless you're told specifically to take an item,
you can safely ignore it.

Now, head along South down the hall until you reach the Lobby. Go West into
the Store Room, and pick up the Ochre Vial and the matchbook. Open the vial
and drink the potion, which will prevent you from becoming hungry and
thirsty. Drop the now-empty vial. Read the matchbook if you like, then
return East and place the matchbook in the receptacle.

Moving North twice, and West once, brings you to Belboz's quarters. Listen
to the bird as you lift the wall hanging, revealing a key. Now examine the
desk and open the drawer. Inside are several items, but the only useful one
is the journal. Use the key to unlock the journal, then read it. Make
CAREFUL note of the day's code!!

Go East to the hall again, South once, and West into Helistar's room. Here
you will find a scroll of Gaspar. Take and Gnusto the scroll, then head
back to the hall, and South to the Lobby. By this time, you've probably
heard the doorbell chime, which means the mail's in. Open the receptacle,
and inside is an issue of Popular Enchanting and an Orange Vial. Get the
vial, then go East into the Library.

There is a scroll of Meef here. Get and Gnusto that one. Now, it's time to
leave this place. If you've played the game before, you know that if you
try going out the main entrance, you will be stopped. You may also know
that if you DON'T get out, you will eventually fall asleep and find
yourself in the Room of Living Death, which is MOST unpleasant, and from
which there is no escape. So, now's the time to get a move on! Head down
into the Cellar, where the trunk is. There are five buttons on the trunk,
and each one is a different colour. The sequence to open the trunk is keyed
to the code of the day in the journal, and will change with each game. The
code itself is the colours of a monster from the Infotater. Whatever
monster was noted in the journal, look it up on the Info- tater, and make
note of its colours, and what order they are in. Save the game (just in
case, because if you make even one little error, you will not be able to
open the trunk!!), then press the buttons in the proper order as given in
the Infotater. If you've done it right, the trunk lid will spring open by
itself after you push the last button. If the trunk does not open, restore
the game and try again.

Ok, so now you have the moldy scroll of Aimfiz, which is one of those
complex ones that you can only use once. Actually, you only need to use it
once, so that's no problem. All you have to do is figure out which person
you want to exchange places with. Since there aren't too many choices, it
won't take you long to discover it's none other than Belboz himself. So,
Aimfiz Belboz, and you're out of the Hall and on your way to visiting

Ok, so now you're out of the Hall, but look where the spell took you: to
the same forest you were dreaming of at the start of the game. And there's
the Hellhound, too! And this time, it's no dream! You better not wait
around this time, so immediately head Northeast to the Forest Edge.

Here you will find a Snake Hole, as well as paths North and East. The North
path is mined with magical mines. This is a red herring in the game, as
there is no way to go safely along the path. You can ignore it without fear
of missing something important. The Snake Hole is another matter, so climb
down into it, and then down again to the Slimy Room, and South from there
into the Crater.

Go West to the Chasm's Edge. You can't jump across the chasm, but flying
over is no problem. Learn Izyuk twice, cast it on yourself once. Now just
go West twice and you will be on the other side. Go North, and you will be
in a room with what appears to be a tree of coins. However, that's an
illusion, and you will only be able to get one coin. Take it, return to the
Chasm Edge, then Izyuk and fly back across.

Now go back the way you came, all the way to the Forest Edge. This time, go
East to the Meadow (don't stop to admire scenery; those are MEAN locusts on
the horizon!), then Northeast to the Riverbank. Learn the Pulver spell,
then Pulver the river. It will dry up, and you can move East into the
river, where you will see a small cave to the Northeast.

Go there. Inside, you will find several items. Get the scroll with the
Fweep spell, and Gnusto it. Then get the bat guano, but leave the vial; it
has no use in the game. Now go down the hole, and you will be at the Pit of
Bones. If you go South, you will find the Torture Chamber, which has
another useless potion, so go Southwest into the Dungeon instead. From
here, go up into the Ruins.

Learn Izyuk again, then go West across the drawbridge (careful, don't fall
in!!), then West again to the Meadow, where you now cast Izyuk on yourself.
You have time to do that and move before the locusts arrive. Once you're
flying, go Northeast to the Riverbank, and this time, Southeast to the Fort
Entrance. You need to use Izyuk because the river bank has a distressing
tendency to crumble after the first visit.

Around about now, you're probably feeling sleepy. Don't worry about it,
just lie down and sack out for awhile. You may or may not have a strange
dream. Ignore any dreams, as they are just "for show", and have no
important clues to the game. When you waken again, go East into the Parade
Ground. There is a flag at the top of a tall flagpole; lower the flag and
search it. You will find an Aqua Vial. Take that, it will come in handy

Now, go East again, and you will be at the cannon. If you look inside, you
will see what appears to be a pile of scrolls. Actually, they are not
scrolls at all, but a group of Yipples, peacefully sleeping in the barrel.
However, there IS one real scroll in there, and you will need it later. So,
drop the bat guano into the barrel, and the Yipples will take off, leaving
the real scroll, with the Yonk spell for you to take.

You are now just about finished above ground. Return to the entrance, learn
Izyuk twice, and fly Northwest to the River Bank, and Southwest to the
meadow. Here you should Izyuk again (the drawbridge is like the river bank)
and go East twice to the Ruins.

From the Ruins, go down into the Dungeon, down again to the Highway, and
then East to the Toll Gate and the sleeping Gnome. Wake him up and give him
your Zorkmid. He'll open the gate, then promptly fall asleep again. Go East
through the gate. Ignore the store; that's another red herring in the game.
Continue East to the End of the Highway. There's a hut here, but we won't
be looking in there just now. Instead, go North to the Entrance Hall, and
then North again to the Glass Arch. You are about to enter the infamous
Glass Maze.

Getting through it the first time is quite easy; getting out again is quite
another matter. There are two ways back, the long and hard way, or the
quick and dirty way. If you want to go the easy route, learn Gaspar once
and Fweep once, then Gaspar yourself right now. If you want do to it the
hard way, learn Fweep three times. Ok, drop everything here, go East into
the Maze, and Fweep yourself.

Now fly along the following route: North, East, South, South, West, Down,
East, East, North, North, Up, Up, South, East and you're now at the Hollow.
Here you will find the Swanzp scroll, but you can't do much until Fweep
wears off. So wait around until you're human again. As soon as you pick up
the scroll, the maze layout will change. Oops! Now what?

Well, first, drop the scroll down the hole (it's the chimney of the little
hut). Now what you do next depends on how you decided to get back out. If
you opted for quick and dirty, walk West, West, South, East, and you will
fall through the Maze and splatter. However, the Gaspar spell will
activate, and your Guardian Angel will restore you to life at the spot the
spell was cast, which in this case was the Glass Arch.

However, if you want to do it the hard way, then here's how: Fweep
yourself, then fly the following route: West, West, South, Down, Down,
West, West, Up, Up, North, North, Down, East. At about this point, the
spell will wear off. Fweep again, and continue: South, East, North, Down,
West, South, West, Up, West, and you're back at the Arch again. Whew!!

Again, wait around till the spell wears off, then pick up everything and go
to the hut. In the fireplace, you will see the Swanzo scroll. Gnusto the
spell, and then take a nap, because by now you're tired again. Awakening
refreshed, leave the hut and head on back to the Toll Gate. The Gnome is
still here, and still asleep, so now's your chance: search him, and you
will find your Zorkmid! All right! Now, keep going West until you come to
the Bend, where you head Southwest to the Edge of the Crater, then Down
into the crater itself. From there, move along South into the North/South
tunnel, and the Southwest to the Amusement Park Entrance.

Try to go West, and a Gnome will appear and demand a Zorkmid. Give him your
coin, and then proceed West into the park. Of all the places here, only one
is important: the Arcade.

Everything else is pretty much for show. So, keep on West until you reach
the end of the Midway, and then go South into the Arcade. Open the Aqua
Vial, drink the potion, then drop the vial. You are now dexterous enough to
win a prize, so take the ball and throw it at a bunny. POW! Direct hit! As
the bunny goes flying, the hawker will give you a glittering scroll of
Malyon. You don't need to Gnusto this one, as it will be used only once,
and very soon.

Now leave the park, and once back in the tunnel, go south and you will be
in the Carving Room. One carving looks like a dragon, and that's the one
you want. First, Yonk Malyon. Then, learn Malyon. Finally, Malyon Dragon.
The souped-up spell brings the Dragon to life! Good thing for you it's not
permanent, or you might have been fried to a crisp!

In any case, there is now a passage South through the wall. Take that into
the Sooty Room. Now you're about to enter the most bizarre part of the
game. Open the Orange Vial. Frotz yourself. Go East into the Coal Bin room.
There will be a cave-in behind you, so you can't go back now. In addition,
you're having some some trouble breathing, so drink the orange potion and
drop the vial. Suddenly, your Older Self appears, sliding down from the
Upper Chute! Listen carefully, and your twin will tell you a number. Make
careful note of it! Now, hand your spellbook to your Twin, who will take it
and dive down the Lower Chute.

Go East to the Dial Room. There is a dial on the door, which can be set to
any number from 0-873. Set it to the number your Twin just gave you. This
is also a variable number and will change from game to game. Then open the
door, and go into the Shaft Bottom. Get the rope. Make sure that you have
nothing with you now but that rope. If you have anything else, drop it.

Climb up to the Shaft Top. Go Southwest into the mine. A timber is here
(doesn't that bring back fond memories of Zork?). Tie the rope to the
timber, then continue on Northwest and West. You are now at the top of the
Upper Chute. Put the beam across the chute, then drop the rope down the
chute. Finally, climb down the rope, and you will be in the Slanted Room.

There is a scroll here, and also an opened lantern. Get the scroll, and
Golmac yourself back in time. Now open the lantern, and get the Vardik
spell. Time is running short, so go East down the chute into the Coal Bin
room, where you will see....your Younger Self!

Now, most important: you must do as your twin did before! Tell your Twin
the combination to the Dial Room door. Now your Twin will give you the
spell book, just as you did earlier (really one of the neater parts of this
game!). As soon as you have the book, go down the Lower Chute to the

Ah, air again! Take a deep breath, then sleep awhile, because you're
probbaly tired again. Now learn Meef twice, Swanzo, once drop the
spellbook, and go East into the Lagoon. Dive down to the bottom, and Meef
the Spenseweeds, revealing a crate. Get the crate and return to shore.

Drop and open the crate. Inside, among other things, is a can of grue
repellant. Get that, and walk Northeast along the Ocean Shore and North to
the Mouth of the River. There is a cave to the West, it's entrance covered
by nasty- looking vines. Meef the vines, and Vardik yourself.

Now, spray the repellant on yourself and enter the cave. Wow! Grues are
everywhere, and they don't fear the light!! Fortunately though, the
repellant still works. However, I wouldn't advise staying around! So, move
along West and you will come to three doors. Two of them lead to VERY
unpleasant circumstances.

You don't want those, so open the white door. Inside the room is Belboz,
who is possessed by the demon Jeear. Swanzo Belboz, and the demon will
leave him, and attempt to enter YOUR mind! But the Vardik spell will keep
him out, and, with no host available, he will vanish! Belboz will now
regain his senses, and will magic the both of you back to the Guild Hall.
Here Belboz announces his retirement, and names you as the new head of the
Circle! Congratulations, Sorcerer!


* *
* W e l c o m e ! *
* *
* to another HAYES tutorial to get *
* you through another of INFOCOM'S *
* brilliant text adventures... *
* *
* S O R C E R E R *
* *
* The Second Book In The *
* Trilogy *
* *

Well, the folks at INFOCOM have done it
again. Another superb text adventure
which picks up where ENCHANTER left
off. While not quite as difficult as
ENCHANTER, SORCERER is nonetheless a
very entertaining and challenging
adventure, with new twists on old
standards (the glass maze comes to
mind) and a very logical set of
puzzles to solve.

While some of you may be working off
a pirated copy of this game, I urge
you to go out and buy an original.
If any software company deserves our
continued support, it is INFOCOM.
They are truly the pioneers in the
field of interactive fiction and they
make up for the price of their disks
by supplying original and very enter-
taining game packages and docs.
Besides, one day an original copy of
some of these games may be worth some-
thing... I can remember a few comic
books I wish I'd held on to!

Anyway, enough of the commentary...
as usual, everything between commas
is input and seperate comments are
between (parenthesis) or offset by
the arrow --->.

And away we go...

S, (you'll get eaten by the hellhound
and then wake up), Frotz Me (can you
think of a better light source!), Get
Up, W, W, Pull Hanging, Get Key, Open
Drawer, Unlock Journal, Read Journal

---> Inside the journal is written a
code word which will change every
time the disk is booted, much like
the space coordinates in STARCROSS
were protected. Write this code
word down as you will be referring
to it in a moment...

Drop Key and Journal, E, S, S, W, Get
Matchbook and Vial, Open Vial, Drink
Potion, Drop Vial, E, Open Mailbox,
Put Matchbook in Mailbox, E, Get
Scroll, Gnusto Meef, W

---> Now, if you haven't heard the
doorbell ring yet, keep typing
'wait' until the mailman arrives
and delivers the mail. If you've
heard the bell, then the mail is
already here...

Open Mailbox, Get Orange Vial, D

---> OK, Now we need to unlock this
trunk. The combination of buttons
to push depends upon the codeword
found in Belboz' journal. Follow-
ing are the various words and
their associated combinations.

Example: If the code is 'Blood-
worm', you would input:

Push White,
Push Gray,
Push Black,
Push Red,
Push Gray

and the lock would open. Here are
the various codes (thanks to the
great FINEOUS FINGERS for supply-

Bloodworm: White Gray Black Red Gray
Brogmoid: Red Purple Red Black Purple
Dorn: Gray Purple Black Gray White
Dryad: Black Gray White Red Red
Grue: Black Black Red Black Purple
Hellhound: Purple White Gray Red Gray
Kobold: Red Purple Black Purple Red
Nabiz: Purple Black Black Black Red
Orc: Red Gray Purple Gray Red
Rotgrub: Gray Red Gray Purple Red
Surmin: Black Black Purple Red Purple
Yipple: Gray Purple White Purple Black

---> OK, the lock should pop open and
then you should...

Get Moldy Scroll, Aimfiz Belboz, NE

---> That should get you away from the
hellhound. I would advise saving
the game here, so you don't have
to go through all that again if
you happen to slip up. Also, from
now on, you will find yourself
growing sleepy from time to time.
Whenever you start feeling tired,
just 'Sleep' wherever you are.
Make sure, however, that you are
not in the middle of solving a
time-crucial puzzle like the maze
or the coal-bin room where sleep
will lead to your doom. I will
mention the places where sleep
seems to overcome you, so don't
worry about this too much. On
to the solving...

D, D, S (you should be in the Crater),
NE, NE, E, N, NE, Memorize Izyuk,
Izyuk Me, U, Get Guano and Scroll,
Gnusto Fweep, D, SW, U, W, W, NE, SE,
E, E, Put Guano in Cannon, Get Scroll,
W, Lower Flag, Search Flag, Get Aqua
Vial, W, NW, SW, W, D, D, S (you should
be back at the Crater), W, Memorize
Izyuk, Again (this is so you can re-
member the spell longer), Izyuk Me,
W, W, N, Get Coin, S, E, Izyuk Me, E,E

---> About this time you may need to
sleep. If not, you might want to
type 'Wait' a few times until you
get tired. Then type 'Sleep'.

NE, NE, E, E, Wake Gnome, Give Coin,
E, E, N, N

---> Now on to the Maze! You need to
memorize the Fweep spell at least
3 times in order to get through
this sucker. The spell wears off
after a while and you will not be
allowed to carry anything (like
your spell book) while you are a
bat (early bugs let you, but that
is cheating...). If you haven't
memorized it enough, you'll forget
it. So...

Drop All but Book, Memorize Fweep,
Again, Again, Fweep Me, E, N, E, S, S,
W, D, E, E, N, N, U, U, S (you should
now return to human form), E, Get
Scroll, Drop Scroll in Hole, Fweep

---> At this point a Dorn Beast will
start coming at you... GET THE

W, W, S, E (bye bye Dorn!), D, D, W, W,
U, U, N, N, D, E (your Fweep spell
should wear off at this point, so..),
Fweep Me, S, E, N, D, W, S, W, U, W

---> You've done it! Now, keep typing
'Wait' until you are human again,

Get All, S, S, E, Get Scroll, Gnusto

---> Here's another good place to save
the game. Sleep if you need to...
you probably will by the time you
get to the amusement park.

W, W, W, Search Gnome (AHA!), W, W,
SW, SW, S, SW, W (a gnome will appear),
Give Coin, W, W, S, Get Ball, Open Aqua
Vial, Drink Aqua Potion, Throw Ball at
Bunny, Drop Aqua Vial, N, E, E, NE, S,
Yonk the Malyon, Malyon the Dragon

---> At this point, keep typing 'Wait'
until your muscles feel the effect
of the aqua potion wear off.

S, Open Orange Vial, E, Drink Potion

---> At this point, your twin should
appear. This is an interesting
time-puzzle that must be solved
correctly in order to get past
it with the scroll you find and
your spell book still intact.
An interesting bit of trivia for
all you ZORK fans who always
wanted to know what the timber
in ZORK I was meant for...
In the original mainframe ZORK,
which incorporated the best of
ZORK I, II, and III combined
in one giant adventure, you
found the crystal sphere (now
found in the aquarium in ZORK
II) by tying the rope to the
timber and then using it to
stop yourself halfway down the
chute which ends up in the
cellar of ZORK I. The authors have
used this little puzzle here to
great effect... Anyway, on with
the solving...

Give Book

---> When you give your spell book to
your older self, he will give you
a combination number... remember
it, then...

Drop Vial, E, Set Dial to (whatever
number you were given), Open Door,
E, Get Rope, U, SW, Get Timber, S,
NE, N, W, Tie Rope to Timber, Drop
Timber, Drop Rope Down Chute, Climb
Down Rope, Get Scroll, Golmac Me,
Open Lamp, Get Smelly Scroll, D,
Tell Younger Self "The Combination
Is (the number you were given)"

---> Remember to use the quotes when
you talk to your younger self
this way. He should then give
you your spell book (think
about what just happened!!).
You should immediately go...

D, (Now 'Wait' a few times until
the orange potion wears off and you
feel tired), Sleep

---> You might want to save the game
before this final set of moves!

Gnusto Vardik, Memorize Meef, Again,
Drop Book, Swim in Lagoon, D, Meef
Weeds, Get Crate, U, W, Drop Crate,
Get Book, Open Crate, Get Suit and
Can, NE, N, Meef Vines, Spray
Repellent on Suit, W, W, Memorize
Vardik, Vardik Me, Open White Door,
Memorize Swanzo, Swanzo Belboz

*** AND THAT DOES IT!!!!! ***

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