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LOADING INSTRUCTIONS SPECTRUM Type LOAD “ ” Press the ENTER key. Press the PLAY button on your recorder. COMMODORE CASSETTE Hold down the SHIFT key and press the RUN/STOP key. Press the PLAY button on your recorder. DISC Type LOAD “*”,8,1 Press RETURN AMSTRAD CASSETTE CPC 6128, 664 and CPC 464 with disc. Hold down SHIFT and press the @ key. Enter TAPE then press RETURN. Now follow the following CPC 464 cassette loading instructions. CPC 464 CASSETTE LOADING Hold down CTRL and press the small ENTER key. Press the PLAY button on your recorder. DISC Enter RUN “DISC” Press RETURN. WARNING: Copyright subsists in all Firebird software, documentation and artwork. All rights reserved. No part of this software may be copied, transmitted in any form or by any means. This software is sold on the condition that it shall not be hired out without the express permission of the publisher. If this program is faulty and fails to load please return it to the address below and it will be replaced free of charge and postage refunded. This does not affect your statutory consumer rights. No part of this book may be reproduced by any means without the prior consent of the copyright holder. The only exceptions are as provided for by the Copyright (photocopying) Act or for the purpose of review. Runestone was written and designed by Alan Davis. Spectrum and Amstrad conversions by Simon Freeman. Commodore conversion by Softstone. Loading screens on all versions by Simon Jay. Spectrum protection by SOFTLOCK ™ Firebird and the Firebird logo are trademarks of British Telecommunications plc. Package Design by The FTF Agency. 01-388 4832. Published by FIREBIRD SOFTWARE, Wellington House, Upper St. Martins Lane, London WC2H 9DL. FIREBIRD │ ┌───────╲│╱───┐ │ RUNESTONE─ │ └───────╱│╲───┘ │ RUNESTONE THE INTRODUCTION At the time when the planet was yet young, the powers did bring into existence a land of uncanny beauty and profound wonder. BELORN The people of this land were themselves intelligent and wise. They were respectful of their environment, conscious of their noble heritage, yet content to live their lives peacefully, in isolation from the world beyond the Great Mountains. This was a time of prosperity for the proud people of Belorn, for early on in their existence, they learned (unlike other races) that when war raised it’s fearsome head, each party, whether aggressor or defender, counted their dead and losses and years of hardship – instead of their victories and booty. Of course there was conflict during the Land’s early life. Conflict between forces north, across the Great Waters, and south, the land of Belorn, raged for years claiming the countless lives of sons and daughters, of lovers and sweethearts, of husbands and wives. From these years of pointless warring and destruction, arose many specialised sub-cultures, notably, Elves (forest and tree dwellers), Wizards/ Necromancers (sorcerers of considerable power) and of course Warriors. For this reason an agreement was arranged by an ingeneous wizard which was duly agreed and signed (without hesitation ...) by leaders across the length and breadth of the land (the record books do not record how the wizard actually accomplished this). Needless to say the land and it’s guests prospered and flourished for many hundreds of years. Then began the time of the great Wizards of Belorn, who spent their days delving into mysteries and magical knowledge far beyond the understanding of common men. It was also the time of the Elves who dwelt in the heart of the beech forests of Belorn; though only foresters and hermits knew them well. The Northern Wastes had always been wild and menacingly inhospitable – few of the folk had ventured there. Little information was known about parts of the world they occupied, but strangers and wandering folk did walk and talk among the people of Belorn sometimes. Entering their eighteen-hundredth peaceful year things began to change. Slowly at first, then with increasing frequency, reports of attacks from an unknown source upon the people of Belorn came in. The attacks were directed at those inhabitants living near to the Great Waters at first, and so for some time the invasion by Kordomir and his hordes of Orcs passed unnoticed and unchecked. Until the raids began ... Striking south across The Great Waters in their monstrous Dragonships, the Orcs ravaged the Land of Belorn for generation after generation. One after another the great treasures of Belorn were sought out and looted, carried away in triumph by the Orcs. The Great Wizards were slain, and with their passing went most of their knowledge. The Elves, despite their valour and bravado, were finally defeated heavily in The Battle of The Western Woods; most of the survivors fled seeking sanctuary beyond The Great Mountains only to be hunted down like vermin and horrifically butchered by the invaders. One however, did gain freedom ... Many generations passed. The raids continued and the population of Belorn slowly diminished. The ultimate victory of Krodomir seemed inevitable. Yet from this state of hopeless despair, began the epic quest of Greymarel, Morval and Eliador. THE PRESENT As a chill breeze whipped through the sighing forest, Morval shivered and threw another log on to the fire, listening to the sounds of the forest and watching the flurry of sparks rise, and disturb the quiet vigil of a large tawny owl. Morval drew himself closer to the welcome heat of the flames and waited, alert and ready. Nothing broke the pattern of wind noise save for the crackle and popping of burning wood. Time was slow in the passing for Morval until he heard someone approaching through the trees, very stealthily, thought Morval. Whoever was moving certainly knew where they were headed for. Suddenly, from the darkness between the trees across the clearing, came the sound of a liquid, musical voice: “Greetings! Morval! Warrior! I approach, my friend.” “And not before time, Eliador, Last of the Elves!” growled Morval, in mock anger he said “Call yourself a true Elf! Ha! I heard you coming from a long way off!” Eliador replied in a musical voice “My dear Morval, I have been with you for over an hour,” Morval frowned. “If that were true, then surely I would have known of your presence.” “You have much to learn of our people Morval, old friend.” Eliador continued” Our folk live in forests, we are able to move around virtually undetected by most.” He smiled and went on “I came as soon as I got the message from Greymarel. When I saw your fire I was naturally suspicious and decided to investigate.” Eliador’s smile broadened to a wide, beaming grin as he said “I watched for some time with more than a might of mirth at your vigorous attempts to stop the flying night creatures from using you as a moving target!!!” Morval laughed as he said “Then I am indeed humbled by your superiority in this matter, Eliador My friend!” adding between uncontrollable laughter “’Tis a good thing you are on our side! Now come – sit yourself down and let us see whether Greymarel arrives before my bones freeze and my sword dulls!” The Elf joined his friend by the fire, his laugh rippling merrily through the night air “I have no doubt that we shall survive the night’s rigours, friend Morval, – for look, Greymarel approaches.” Into the clearing a shimmer appeared and slowly advanced toward the fire, growing more solid as it moved. It had no definable shape, made no noise. As it drew nearer to Eliador and Morval, it became more solid – yet neither of them could actually focus their eyes upon it. It seemed to shift and flow without effort. As Morval and Eliador stared in wonder a voice from behind caused them both to turn, Morval, his sword ready before completing the turn, Eliador had an arrow notched and the bow bent as he faced the originator of the voice. At once they saw Greymarel the Wizard and made safe their weapons, wearing expressions of shock and question and awe. “Welcome,” said Greymarel “I apologise for startling you,” he explained “I have been travelling for many weeks now, I have been attacked by all sorts of undesirable personages and, I now have a sneaking suspicion that I am being followed – though by whom or by what I am at a total loss to say. For this reason my friends, I have resorted to the use of sorcery for protection and warning.” Greymarel paused for a moment, moved closer to the fire, threw back his hood revealing bright white eyes that shone like white hot stars, long white hair and bushy white eyebrows. He was a gaunt man with weathered features and a drawn face, although his stature suggested at more than a hint of strength and power. He had a strong aqualine nose, common to those of the mage. Greymarel continued, “That illusion you took to be me is a helpful trick, sometimes.” Morval and Eliador, remembering the apparitian, looked around into the darkness, found nothing, and turned back to face the Wizard who smiled and took out his pipe, loaded, and lit it, blowing the smoke at the moon. A few moments of silence passed when Morval, unable to hold his excitement, blurted “Well, Greymarel? What news? We received your message as you see, and here we wait. What is it that keeps us all from our beds this miserable night.” Greymarel smiled and puffed on his pipe before saying “Impatient as ever, my old friend, but I have much to tell, for last night I had a dream –” Morval rose angrily to his feet and faced the Wizard. “Dreams!” he exclaimed in astonishment. “Old wives tales? Forgive me Greymarel, but I have no time for dreams this night. I have news of my own and it is ill.” Morval looked at Greymarel and then at Eliador. “Elwin is dead.” Greymarel’s smile became an angry scowl, and it was clear that he was hard pressed to master his dangerously angered emotions. Eliador shook his head in dismay. After a long pause, Greymarel asked of Morval, in a quiet, shaking voice “At the hands of Orcs?” Morval nodded. Greymarel’s voice became angry as he growled “Are they among us yet again?” “Aye indeed,” muttered Morval. “but they paid for their arrogance with their lives! I slew eight with my own sword, and Prince Loravel himself slew several. They sailed south down the Great River in their accursed Dragonship under cover of darkness, and assaulted the fortress just before dawn. Not one escaped alive – we gave good account of ourselves – but we lost Elwin ...” Greymarel stared at the fire, his eyes glistening as he fought back the tears. “And so another empty dwelling joins the many in Belorn,” his voice was trembling with suppressed emotion and anger “Farewell Elwin. You will be sorely missed, old friend.” He looked up from the fire. “And their ship, Morval? What of their ship?” “It floats still upon the waters of Lake Belorn” replied the Warrior. “Then perchance some small good shall ensue ... Come Morval, sit you down and harken to me. Elwin’s death shall not go unavenged!” With a shrug, Morval seated his powerful frame and scowled gloomily into the darkness. Greymarel re-lit his pipe and began his tale. “In my dream, I stood within a vaulted cavern before an altar of polished, gleaming stone, the like of which I have never before encountered, and upon the altar there lay a book of uncountable age, brittle and yellowing. And as I stood before the altar a voice spoke to me saying “Behold, the Book of Zarimir. Seek it. For the destruction of the Dark One must now be undertaken in fulfilment of the prophecies.” Thereupon the voice ceased. And in my dream I reached out towards the book and grasped it lightly in my hands – but it vanished, leaving only three small fragments of parchment in my hand. And then I awoke.” Morval snorted with frustrated impatience. “Greymarel, my friend. Are you well in yourself? We fully understand that you possess great and knowledgable wisdom, and some powers of prophecy. But what this has to do with me or Eliador I know not. Strong arms, sure arrows and cold steel must save Belorn from it’s enemies – not dreams and visions!” Greymarel sighed, took from inside his cloak a small leather pouch. He opened the pouch, shook it’s contents onto his hand, and passed them across to his friends. “No mere vision this, my friends. No intangible dream. these were in my hand when I awoke ...” Eliador and Morval examined the three pieces of parchment in open mouthed wonder. It was Eliador who broke the long silence. “But what does this mean, Greymarel? What is the Book of Zarimir ? And what or who is The Dark One?” “I will tell you such as I may know.” replied Greymarel. “For many generations now, Belorn has suffered at the hands of the Orcs from the North, and I fear that our complete annihilation cannot be long in the coming, for we are so few, and they are so many and strong. Yet I believe that the Orcs are not our greatest enemy.” Eliador looked up, surprised, at Greymarel and Morval frowned and hunched his shoulders. But Greymarel gave them no chance to speak saying “Eccentric I may seem, but I am assuredly yet sane. I believe they are but the minions of the One before whom all creatures tremble. His name is KORDOMIR – The Dark One of the prophecy. I believe it is he who controls and commands these hordes.” “But how can you know these things, Greymarel?” asked a bewildered Eliador. “And if they are in truth, what can be done?” “Last night’s dream was not the only dream I have had, Eliador. There have been others, though I did not know their meaning until now. I tell you this – great things are imminent, greater than you know. And we must each play our part as the prophecies reveal.” He gestured toward the fragments of parchment. “Many generations ago, the Great Wizards of Belorn had powers far greater than those which I may possess. The greatest of them all was undoubtedly a Wizard named ZAPHIR. ZARIMIR himself was another powerful Wizard. It is said that Zaphir brought into being some strange and dangerous device – a Runestone – whose powers would be revealed at the time of Belorn’s greatest peril; but this is only legend. I know not what the truth may be. And the Runestone, if it ever did exist, has long ago disappeared along with the Book of Zarimir, and other ancient treasures of Belorn.” Morval examined one of the fragments thoughtfully. “This prophecy, Greymarel – “Of their company shall be ... “– do you suggest that this means you, Eliador and I ...?” “I believe, Morval, that it means no less. Eliador, with his sure eye; you, with your sharp sword and mighty sword arm; and myself, with such power as I possess. On the morrow I shall strike Northward to the Wastes. Somewhere within that wilderness I believe that I may find the power to assist me in my quest – perhaps even the book of Zarimir, or the Runestone itself.” His expression changed and his voice made the very air tremble as he, Greymarel the Wizard, avowed before the stars “I seek no less than the utter and complete destruction of this Krodomir the Dark, wherever he may be found.” “You shall not be alone!” cried Morval, grasping the hilt of his mighty sword, his arm muscles bulged, sinews twisted and the air sang as his sword curved up to point at the waning moon. “By my blade, I swear that I shall not rest until the Dark One and his hordes lie slain and destroyed permanently, and the pride of Belorn has been restored!” Eliador leaned forward and clasped the Wizard’s hand. “And I too, my friend. I too have much to avenge on behalf of my people. But let us not act in haste. There are others among the folk of Belorn who may yet join us.” “Indeed they may,” agreed Greymarel. “Or they may have other aid to give us. Let us now each depart, and in the morning we shall seek what help there may be before we begin our journey.” And so, after a final clasping of hands, a word or two of encouragement, the three departed – Eliador slipping noiselessly into the darkness between the trees, Morval travelling southward towards Lake Belorn. Only the Wizard remained. He sat for some time near the remnants of their fire, puffing on his pipe, contemplating the days to come ... Shortly before dawn, as the last embers of the fire gave a final flicker and went out, a tired Wizard arose, walked across the ashes to a bush and retrieved an ancient staff. Then he pulled his hood up and over his head, crooked the staff through his right arm, and put his hands into deep pockets. With a final shrug, the gaunt figure carrying a staff strode away from the clearing, into the damp, gloomy morning mist, and into a new beginning ... GETTING INVOLVED ... RUNESTONE is played by directly controlling the actions of one of three characters, and indirectly controlling the actions of some others. The three characters you may directly control are Morval the Warrior, Eliador the Elf and Greymarel the Wizard. You may change characters at any time during the game by making use of the ‘CHANGE’ command, ie ‘CHANGE TO ELIADOR’ will give you control of Eliador the Elf. When the game begins, you will have control of Morval the Warrior. In the top half of the screen can be seen a view of the landscape, looking north from where Morval is standing and to the right a portrait of the character you control. Below this is the text window which will contain a description of the current location, including his direction and any other things of interest. As the story unfolds, you will be presented with the consequences of your character’s actions in this window. At the bottom of the screen is the command window. As you type in your commands they will appear here, in upper case leters, up to a maximum of 63 characters. When you press ‘ENTER’/‘RETURN’ the command window will clear, and the text window shows what has happened as a result of your instructions. RUNESTONE is played in real time, and if you do not enter any commands, the words ‘TIME PASSES’ appear in the text window after a short while. However, even if you are not doing anything, some of the other characters, over whom you do not have control, will go about their own business (whatever that may be ...). Above all, remember that there are a great many other characters whose actions you are not in control of, and although you may not be aware of what they are doing for much of the time, some of them have just as strong a sense of purpose as you do ... KEYBOARD CONTROLS The following keyboard controls have been included to enable you to participate in RUNESTONE more easily: SHIFT and 0 : Delete last character of command. SHIFT and 1 : Delete everything typed so far. SHIFT and 2 : Recall last command entered. This may then be edited using the delete key, if you wish, before the command is re-entered. This facility is only useful if you have not begun to type a new command, since the old command will be over- written. SHIFT and 3: Abort before next command. This is a very useful feature when you have entered a large amount of commands, and wish to stop before the next command is carried out. In this case, the message ‘Rest of command ignored’ will be displayed in the text window. ‘ENTER/RETURN’ ENTER/RETURN : Holding down the ‘ENTER’/‘RETURN’ key will slow down the rate at which the text scrolls in the text window. EXPLORING THE LANDSCAPE Because of the unusual nature of RUNESTONE, there are several special commands related to ‘LOOKING’ and ‘MOVING’ with which you will need to be familiar. You can look or move in any of the four main compass directions: north, south, east and west. Diagonal movements (northwest, southwest etc) are not accepted, so to move northwest for example, you simply move first north, then west. All of these commands have single letter abbreviations to enable rapid movement. ‘LOOK EAST’ will turn your character around so that he faces east, the graphics window will then display the view in that direction. Similar commands are used for other directions, but it is probably easier to use the single letter abbreviations N, S, W and E. NOTE: These directional commands will only turn your character around – they will NOT cause him to move from one location to another. ‘MOVE’ or ‘GO’ will move your character one location forwards in the direction he is facing. The single letter ‘M’ may be used instead of ‘MOVE’. ‘MOVE EAST’ or ‘GO EAST’ will have two effects. First, your character will turn to face the selected direction (east). Then he will move one location forward in that direction. The entire manoeuvre will count as one turn only, as opposed to the equivalent instructions ‘LOOK EAST’ followed by ‘MOVE’ or ‘M’ typed separately, which counts as two turns. (this may be important in some cases, since the other characters in the land take a turn everytime you do.) If your character is already facing east when you use the ‘MOVE EAST’ instruction, you will be given a fresh look in that direction before your character moves. SUMMARY Suppose your character is facing south, and you wish to move him westward. Any of the following commands will achieve this: ‘LOOK WEST’ or ‘W’ then ‘MOVE’ or ‘M’ (Two separate commands) ‘GO WEST’; or ‘GO W’; or ‘MOVE WEST’; or ‘MOVE W’; or ‘M W’. (Single command) Sometimes you may want to cover a lot of ground or talk to a lot of other characters in one go. A feature of RUNESTONE is the ability to link commands together using commas. Thus a series of instructions like); ‘LOOK EAST’, ‘MOVE’, ‘MOVE’, ‘MOVE’; or ‘GO EAST’, ‘MOVE’, ‘MOVE’ can be linked and shortened to; ‘E’, ‘M’, ‘M’, ‘M’ All of these will turn your character to face east, and then move him three times in that direction. The comma and speech marks are the only punctuation necessary in RUNESTONE. ENTERING AND LEAVING BUILDINGS When your character is standing by a building or some other enclosure, (the graphics window will not show the building, but the text window will tell you that you are next to one, and even to whom it belongs (if anybody)) you can instruct him to enter it by simply using commands like ‘ENTER THE FORTRESS’; or ‘ENTER’; or ‘GO INSIDE’ or ‘IN’ or simply ‘I’. To exit the enclosure, commands such as ‘LEAVE THE FORTRESS’; or ‘LEAVE’; or ‘OUT’ or simply ‘O’ will achieve this. In order to gain access to a building, you must be standing next to it – it is not enough to be just looking at it from the next location. You should now be in a position to try moving around the landscape, and changing characters. If you do this with the aid of the wall map, you will find that you get your bearings very quickly. RUNESTONE COMMAND ANALYSER RUNESTONE has a large vocabulary, and an easy to use command analyser so that you will have little difficulty in making yourself understood. On the whole, if your instruction makes sense to you, and you are not being overly ambitious, it will also make sense to the command analyser, within the limits of the vocabulary. The command analyser has been designed to be as flexible as possible so that, within reason, you may use ordinary English sentences if so desired. If you prefer extreme brevity however, you may like to know that only the first three letters of any command are significant. The following instructions would all be understood by the analyser, and would yield the same results; ‘ASK PRINCE TO GIVE THE SWORD TO LISSA’ ‘SAY TO LORAVEL “GIVE LISSA THE SWORD”’ ‘TELL LORAVEL GIVE LISSA SWORD’ ‘TEL LOR GIV LIS SWO’ (!!) You cannot do something to one object using another, like; THROW THE SWORD AT THE CHEST’ will cause confusion, while ‘THROW THE DAGGER AT ELDRIC’ will be fine (though Eldric may of course disagree!). Generally, it is best to refer to other characters by name – ‘ATTACK LUDRAK WITH THE DAGGER’ for example. Alternatively you could use ‘FIGHT ORC WITH DAGGER’, but the disadvantage here is that if more than one orc is present, the character will guess which orc you wish him to fight – and this may not be the one you intended ... If you wish to ‘string’ several commands together at one go, remember to separate each command with a comma, eg. ‘ENTER THE TOWER’, ‘ATTACK THE ORC WITH THE AXE’, ‘OPEN THE CHEST’. TALKING TO OTHER CHARACTERS As far as the character whom you are currently controlling is concerned, all you need to do is type in your command directly – ‘PICK UP THE SWORD’ or ‘GET SWO’ for example. But there are many occasions when you will need the assistance of characters whom you do not directly control, and to achieve this you will require the use of speech. This is simple using ‘SAY’; ‘TELL’; or ‘ASK’. If you are, for example, controlling Morval, and type in the instruction ‘ASK LISSA FOR THE SWORD’, Morval will (if Lissa is there) carry out the necessary negotiations on your behalf. Note that the inhabitants of Belorn are invariably polite to one another. You have been warned! A point worth mentioning; quotation marks are not necessary, although they will be recognised if you use them – commas in multi-command statements are necessary. ALL AND EVERYTHING When dealing with large numbers of objects you do not have to put in separate instructions for each one, you can use ‘ALL’ or ‘EVERYTHING’ or ‘EVE’. ‘PICK EVERYTHING UP’ (‘PIC EVE UP’), for example or ‘GIVE EVERYTHING TO LISSA’ (‘GIV EVE TO LIS’). You can use ‘ALL’ and ‘EVERYTHING’ with the verbs ‘TAKE’, ‘DROP’, and ‘GIVE’ – but you can’t for example, ‘EXAMINE EVERYTHING’ (‘EXA EVE’). Bear in mind though, that there is a limit to the amount that any character can carry; if you attempt to pick up too many objects, you may find they are dropped as fast as you collect them ... COMBAT A characters effectiveness in combat is governed chiefly by his strength and any weapon he may be using. To gain the benefit of a weapon however, it must be specified in the command, eg. ‘FIGHT LUDRAK WITH THE SWORD’ (‘FIG LUD WIT SWO’). Otherwise, the character will fight with his bare hands. Not all weapons are equally powerful. A mace is the most powerful, swords and axes slightly less so, while daggers are less effective than all of these. Certain other objects may also serve as weapons in a tight spot ... A bow and arrow requires rather more skill in use than do other weapons. The appropriate command here is ‘SHOOT’ (‘SHO’) eg ‘SHOOT THE ORC’ (‘SHO ORC’). It may be worth bearing in mind that any character who is attacked will invariably retaliate if he can. You can of course ask others to do your dirty work for you. ‘ASK LORAVEL TO HIT THE ORC WITH THE AXE’ (‘ASK LOR TO HIT ORC WIT AXE’), for example. HELP ‘HELP’, used alone will generally give nothing of any Earth-shattering importance, but it may be used when talking to other characters eg. ‘ASK LISSA TO HELP ME’ (‘ASK LIS FOR HEL’). However, this alone may not be enough – characters may be willing to help but require further instruction. LIST/INVENTORY These commands may be used to discover what the various characters are carrying. ‘LIST’, on its own, will tell you your own character’s inventory, whereas ‘LIST LORAVEL’ (‘LIS LOR’), or ‘INVENTORY LORAVEL’ (‘INV LOR’) will tell you about Loravel’s (presuming he’s near...). STATUS This command will tell you about your character’s state of health when used on its own. ‘STATUS LORAVEL’ (‘STA LOR’) will inform you about Loravel (or any other character you specify, who is near ...). Alternatively, you may prefer plain English: ‘HOW AM I?’ or ‘HOW IS LOR?’ You could even say ‘SAY TO LOR “HOW ARE YOU?”’. CAST (SPELL) Greymarel the Wizard is the only character capable of using magic, which he performs using the ‘CAST’ (‘CAS’) command, eg ‘CAST’ (name of spell) UPON ELDRIC. Spells may be cast only given suitable knowledge and equipment, neither of which Greymarel possesses at the beginning of his quest. FOLLOW If you ask a character to follow you, and he agrees, he will follow you around wherever you go until you instruct him to ‘WAIT’, or until you send him somewhere else. However, if you change to some other character, and change back again at a later stage, you may need to remind your followers to continue following, indeed, they may need reminding now and then anyway ... SCORE This command will give you an idea of your progress, or lack of it. The scoring is dynamic, and may go down as well as up. Whatever your score, the game will not end until Kordomir the Dark is defeated. SPECIAL COMMANDS 1) SAVE : saves current state of the game to tape. 2) LOAD : loads in a previously saved game. 3) SCROLL : sometimes, when large amounts of text are being generated, all the new information cannot be displayed at once in the text window. When this happens, the words “MORE” will appear at the bottom of the screen, and it will wait for you to press a key. Typing ‘SCROLL’ (‘SCR’) will defeat this facility, giving continuous scrolling (hold ‘ENTER/RETURN’ key down to slow scroll rate), typing ‘SCR’ later will turn it on again, and so on. 4) PAUSE : suspends RUNESTONE until a key is pressed. 5) PRINT : sends contents of text window, line by line, to printer. 5) NOPRINT : cancels the PRINT command. 6) COPY : copies the entire screen to printer. HINTS AND TIPS Some characters in the game will give you hints – but here are some in general: By and large, the inhabitants of Belorn will be friendly towards you if you treat them with respect. Unfortunately, the denizens of the Northern Wastes will invariably be hostile. Many of the characters have a specific purpose in RUNESTONE. It is up to you to deal with them as you see fit. On the whole, co-operation is the key to success as far as the people of Belorn are concerned. It may not be such a wise idea to stick with the same character for too long. Remember that things are going on all the time of which you will, for most of the time, not be aware, and these events may affect the well-being of Morval, Greymarel or Eliador (and, indeed others) even when you are not controlling them. Greymarel: last of the line of wizards. Possesses their latent power but has lost most of the knowledge needed to use it, however he does experience oracular dreams. Owns a staff, passed down through the generations, which he knows is essential to him, but again lacks the knowledge to take advantage of it. Eliador: last of the Elves. Eliador is a master archer. He lives in the heart of the Western Woods, and is a close friend of Greymarel and Morval. Morval: a warrior of mighty prowess. His pavilion is pitched close to the fortress of Loravel, so that he may be on hand at times of crisis. There is no ‘QUIT’ command in Runestone, owing to the size and complexity of the program. Under these circumstances, it may be wise to save your position in Runestone, once it has loaded. This way, should you become stuck, simply load the saved position. FURTHER NOTES ... At the time in which RUNESTONE is set, the Great Age of Belorn is only a dim legend. Virtually all the arcane knowledge from the time of the great Wizards has been lost, and what survives is known only to Greymarel (the last of the line of Wizards). During the Great Age, certain objects (for reasons long forgotten) became treasures of great veneration, probably because of their association with particular Wizards at the time. These too, at the time in which RUNESTONE is set, have passed into legend. It was known that the ancient treasures had been lost in raids over the generations, but what they were is no longer known. Greymarel has some knowledge of them, however, though he is uncertain about the historicity of the legends that have been passed down to him. The people of Belorn were never, by nature, a warlike folk. │ ╲│╱ ─RUNESTONE─ ╱│╲ │ IN THE DAYS OF THE DARK ONE GREAT EVIL SHALL FALL VPON BELORN AND VPON ITS PEOPLE. AND YET THE POWER OF ZAPHIR SHALL PREVAIL.... THE RVN OF THEIR COMPANY SHALL BE ONE OF THE ELVEN-KIND. A MAGE. AND A SON OF ADAM. AND THEIR DEEDS SH HE THAT KNOWS THE WORDS OF ZARIMIR AND HOLDS SHALL WIELD GRE ND THE WORDS OF ZAR ARE THESE : FRAGMENTS OF THE BOOK OF ZARIMIR

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