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Programming the Z80 - Rodnay Zaks (Sybex 1980)


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Second Edition
First edition published 1979, Second Edition 1980
Auteur : Rodnay Zaks
Copyright 1980 SYBEX
ISBN : 0-89588-047-4



PROGRAMMING THE Z80 has been designed as an educational text and a self-contained reference manual. This book presents a thorough introduction to machine language programming, from basic concepts to advanced data structures and techniques. Detailed illustrative examples and numerous programs show the reader how to write clear, well-organized programs in the language of the Z80.

This book is the result of the author's extensive experience in the fields of education and programming, and it has been designed for clarity and readability. All concepts are explained in simple yet precise terms, building progressively toward more complex techniques. The reader will gain not only an understanding of programming in the language of the Z80, but also a detailed understanding of the way a microprocessor actually executes instructions.

Among the subject areas covered in PROGRAMMING THE Z80 are:

  • Z80 Hardware Organization
  • Input/Output Techniques
  • Complete Instruction Set
  • Z80 Addressing Modes
  • Data structures - Theory and Design
  • Application Examples

With over 200 illustrations, a thorough index and 7 appendices, PROGRAMMING THE Z80 is an indispensable work for engineers, students, home computerists and anyone interested in learning machine language programming skills.




Dr. Rodnay Zaks bas been involved with the industrial use of microprocessors since their initial development. He is the author of a number of best-selling books on all aspects of microprocessors, and has taugh microprocessor courses to several thousand people internationally, ranging from the introductory level to bit-slice microprogramming techniques. He holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of California, Berkeley, and is a member of ACM and IEEE.



Table of contents

1. Basic concepts

2. Z80 Hardware Organization

3. Basic Programming Techniques

4. The Z80 Instruction Set

5. Addressing Techniques

6. Input/Output Techniques

7. Input/Output Devices

8. Application Examples

9. Data Structures

10. Program Development

11. Conclusion



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