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620.00Rick Dangerous 128+ cpc+GAME -> Platformer2009_Public_Domain_
UTILITY -> Other1985Micro Application
120.00BeloteGAME -> Arcade19??CBI Informatique
120.00Les 100% A D'Or
Cent Pour Cent A D'Or
COMPILATION -> Official1989Ocean Software
120.00Electric Lantern Show v1.4UTILITY -> Graphics1986Pride Utilities
120.00Amaury gx4000cpc+DEMO -> Sound2019_Public_Domain_
120.00Interlace ViewerUTILITY -> GraphicsDEMO -> Graphics2011_Public_Domain_
120.00Sex-Cartoons IIDEMO -> Graphics1986Dr Detroit
120.00DeathkickGAME -> Fight1984Blaby Computer Games
120.00Jack Nicklaus GolfGAME -> Sport1989Accolade
120.00IronmanDEMO -> Graphics2011_Public_Domain_
120.00Arkos Tracker 2 - TeaserDEMO -> Sound2017Arkos
120.00Dbase II v2.41UTILITY -> Database1986Borland
120.00Discology 2.0UTILITY -> Floppy disc and tape tool1986Meridien Informatique
120.00Cracktro - FatalityOTHER -> CrackTro2005_Public_Domain_
120.00Petrole, Petrole !GAME -> Action1985P.S.I.
120.00Slideshow Teenage Queen cpc+DEMO -> Graphics19??_Public_Domain_
120.00Advanced Lawnmowing Simulator
Lawn Mower Simulator
GAME -> Action2010_Public_Domain_
120.00Les Defis De Taito
Taito Coin-Op Hits
COMPILATION -> Official1988Ocean Software
120.00Operation Wolf - Musicman3512 - AnimationDEMO -> Other2012_Public_Domain_
120.00The Ice Guardian
Ice Warrior
GAME -> Adventure1991Strategy Software
120.00ColonyGAME -> Action1987Mastertronic
120.00Logon's Run - 3D Meets The Aging BitsDEMO -> Graphics2017Logon System
120.00Revision 2014 - Breaking BaudDEMO -> Graphics2014_Public_Domain_
120.00Discology 3.0UTILITY -> Floppy disc and tape tool1986Meridien Informatique
120.00Target Renegade Title MusicDEMO -> Sound2016Epyteor
120.00AM-Mag Numeros 33-34-35COMPILATION -> Press1988AM-Mag
120.00Special Action - 5 gamesCOMPILATION -> Official1989Ocean Software
120.00ZombieGAME -> Action1986Amstradebdo Et PC
120.00Xyphoes Fantasy - Graphics PreviewDEMO -> Graphics1990Silmarils
919.67The Shadows Of SergothGAME -> ActionGAME -> Maze2018_Public_Domain_
419.50Discology 5.1UTILITY -> Floppy disc and tape tool1988Meridien Informatique
219.50ClevermindGAME ->
219.50CRTC 3 cpc+DEMO -> Graphics2017Flower Corp.
319.33Phortem [CPC CPC+]DEMO -> Other2013Condense
2019.30Le Manoir De Mortvielle
Mortville Manor
Des Landsitzes Von Morteville
GAME -> Adventure1988Lankhor
1319.23R-TypeGAME -> Shoot'Em Up2012Easter Egg
1019.10FOReVER C - Batman ForeverDEMO -> Other2011Batman group
1019.00Pinball DreamsGAME -> Arcade2019Batman group
319.00MagicaGAME ->
119.00Best Of Elite Vol. 2COMPILATION -> Official1987Elite Systems
119.00FOReVER 2014 - French GardenDEMO -> Graphics2014_Public_Domain_
119.00Codename Mat
Codename MAT
Codename Mat 3D
Nom De Code Mat
GAME -> Simulation1985Amsoft
119.00ZnaxGAME -> Reflexion2015cpcretrodev.byterealms
119.00Lords Of MidnightGAME -> Adventure1985Beyond Software
119.00Revolution + The Great Escape + Cauldron II + Sorcery
Compilation Fil
COMPILATION -> Official1987Fil
119.00Xalk Version DeluxeGAME -> Reflexion2017_Public_Domain_
119.00Golden TailGAME ->
119.00Plaisir Solitaire 1.0GAME -> Target shooting2004_Public_Domain_
119.00Ghosts'n Goblins gx4000cpc+GAME -> Platformer2020Golem13
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