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51GryzorGAME -> Run & Gun1987Ocean Software
39BarbarianGAME -> Fight1987Palace Software
38RenegadeGAME -> Fight1987Ocean Software
35Ikari WarriorsGAME -> Run & Gun1986Elite Systems
34Boulder Dash
GAME -> Reflexion1985Mirrorsoft
33Bomb Jack
GAME -> Platformer1986Elite Systems
32AirwolfGAME -> Action1985Amsoft
32CommandoGAME -> Run & Gun1985Elite Systems
31Target RenegadeGAME -> Fight1988Ocean Software
30Fruity FrankGAME -> Reflexion1984Kuma Computers
30SRAMGAME -> Adventure1986Ere Informatique
28Bruce Lee
GAME -> Fight1984U.S.Gold
26ArkanoidGAME -> Breakout1987Ocean Software
26Ghosts'N Goblins
Ghosts 'N' Goblins
GAME -> Platformer1986Elite Systems
26L'Arche Du Captain BLOOD
Captain BLOOD
GAME -> Adventure1988Ere Informatique
26Orion PrimeGAME -> Adventure2009CargoSoft
26Saboteur 2
Saboteur II
GAME -> Action1987Durell Software
26SapiensGAME -> Management1986Loriciels
253D FightGAME -> Shoot'Em Up1985Loriciels
25Cauldron II
Cauldron II The Pumpkin Strikes Back
Cauldron II La Citrouille Contre-Attaque
Cauldron II La Calabaza Contraataca
Hexenkueche II
GAME -> Platformer1986Palace Software
24Cpc AventureGAME -> Adventure2005_Public_Domain_
24GunfrightGAME -> Run & Gun1985Ultimate Play the Game
24Le Manoir De Mortvielle
Mortville Manor
Des Landsitzes Von Morteville
GAME -> Adventure1988Lankhor
23Head Over HeelsGAME -> Action1987Ocean Software
23Le 5eme Axe
The 5th Axis
The Fifth Axis
GAME -> Action1985Loriciels
23Operation WolfGAME -> Target shooting1988Ocean Software
Konami's Ping-Pong
GAME -> Sport1985Ocean Software
23SorceryGAME -> Action1985Virgin Games
23ZombiGAME -> Action1986UBI Soft
22GhostbustersGAME -> Action1985Activision
22L'Aigle D'OrGAME -> Action1986Loriciels
22Orphee - Voyage Aux EnfersGAME -> Adventure1985Loriciels
22Who Dares Wins II
Who Dares Wins
Comando Parachutiste
GAME -> Run & Gun1985Alligata Software
GAME -> Platformer1985Palace Software
21Out RunGAME -> Race1987U.S.Gold
21SRAM 2GAME -> Adventure1987Ere Informatique
21SaboteurGAME -> Action1986Durell Software
20After The WarGAME -> Fight1989Dinamic Software
20BatmanGAME -> Action1986Ocean Software
20The Sacred Armour Of Antiriad
L'Armure Sacree D'Antiriad
La Armadura Sagrada De Antiriad
Die Heilige Rustung Des Antiriad
GAME -> Platformer1986Palace Software
19Barbarian IIGAME -> Fight1989Palace Software
19Combat School
Boot Camp
GAME -> Action1987Ocean Software
19Green BeretGAME -> Run & Gun1986Ocean Software
19Rick DangerousGAME -> Platformer1989Firebird
18Game OverGAME -> Run & Gun1986Dinamic Software
18Macadam Bumper
GAME -> Arcade1985Ere Informatique
18Trantor The Last StormtrooperGAME -> Run & Gun1987U.S.Gold
17Battle Ships
GAME -> Reflexion1987Elite Systems
17Defender Of The CrownGAME -> Strategy1989UBI Soft
17Double DragonGAME -> Fight1988Virgin Mastertronic
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