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Amstrad Scribble


Amstrad Scribble (UK) (1984) [Popular Computing Weekly] [UTILITAIRE]  
elementAmstrad Scribble (UK) (1984) [Popular Computing Weekly] [UTILITAIRE].zip
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Amstrad Scribble (UK) (1984) [Popular Computing Weekly] [UTILITAIRE].dsk Amstrad Scribble (UK) (1984) [Popular Computing Weekly] [UTILITAIRE].dsk
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Version de : Ross SIMPSON


I made some alterations to the original "Amstrad Scribble" program because for some reason if the Joystick option was selected, the Mode would change when trying to draw down. The cursor keys worked fine though. I altered the program so it would work without changing the mode in Joystick is selected, so now you can draw down the screen.

In the original Amstrad Scribble Program what seemed to be happening when the Joystick was selected, if you went down on the Joystick, the s=asc(s$) was returning a value of 13 and causing the IF to GOSUB the routine in 300 and change the screen mode. I'm not quite sure if this was a bug that the authors couldn't correct, or perhaps they didn't test the Joystick check, not sure because everything I'd typed in was clearly the same as what PCW had, though it looks like these programs were done through Printouts.

Amstrad Scribble (UK) (1984) [Popular Computing Weekly] [UTILITAIRE].dsk

Creator : SAMdisk130625. / EXTENDED CPC DSK File..
1 side / 42 tracks formated / 42 tracks per side.
-- SIDE 1 --
Sectors used : 5 / 378
Sectors format : SectorSize2 (378)
Minimum of sectors in one track : 9
Maximum of sectors in one track : 9

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