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Real Time Clock

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The Real Time Clock module uses the 146818 chip which gives the user a complete time-of-day with alarm, calendar, a programmable periodic interrupt generator and 50 bytes of low power static RAM.

SETTIME,a,b,c,d,e,f,g : Set the time, years to secs
ASKTIME,@a,@b,@c,@d,@e,@f,@g : Ask for the time years to secs
PEEKRTC,a,@b : Read a location within the RTC
POKERTC,a,b : Write to a location within the RTC
TIMEON,a,b,c : enable automatic time display
TIMEOFF : Turn off thime display function
ALARMON,a,b,c,@d : Turn alarm function on
ALARMOFF : Turn alarm function off

L'utilitaire comprend 3 fichiers : RSX.BAS, RSX.BIN et CLOCK.COM


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