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Xen Plus

CTM644 Colour Monitor
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- MISC -
* HELP1 is actually HELP to list all the commands
* EMPHASISE,x,y,@a$ becomes EMPHASIZE,x,y,@a$ - in addition this was the affected routine which was missing the data from it, however I think I've got it working, which makes the text look bold.
* DOTLINE,n,direction - nothing actually wrong with this routine, though PCW gave me the impression that n represented the spacing between dots and was using a small number with bad results. n is actually the length across the screen.
* GCOORD,x,y,@n% - the x,y arrangement PCW had is actually back-to-front, so it's GCOORD,y,x,@n% - n% also needs to be set to zero or an Improper Argument occurs, so GCOORD,398,0,@n% returns -16384 or &C000 if HEX is used.
* PUT and SIZE was my main reason for typing up this program, SIZE is used to setup the size of a Graphic, PUT,x,y,source places the graphic at x,y graphical co-ordinates with sourcing being the address of the sprite.

1. Xen (1986)
2. Xen Plus (1986)
3. Xen 3 (1987)

Paru en 2 parties sous forme de listing dans le magazine Popular Computing Weekly 20-26 November 1986, vol 5 No 47 et 27 November - 3 December 1986, vol 5 No 48.
Auteur : Simon T. GOODWIN

- BUGS -
Lors de l'impression du listing, la ligne 1230 a malheureusement été oublié.


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