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Net Library + Net Battle + Turbo Ball
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I wrote a Net-Library for the VN96. So you can easily write programs in Assembler or Basic for the Virtual Net 96. There is a collection of RSX-Commands for Basic programs. The assembler code has similar functions.

The RSX-Library has the following commands:
|LOOKUP,@anzahl%,@nummer% : Looks how many CPCs are in the net and gives everyone a different number.
|JOY,@joy%(0) : This command exchanges all joystick-values from the CPCs in the net.
|GETKEY,@taste% : Looks if on any CPC in the net a key is pressed
|WAITKEY : Waits for a key pressed in the net
|MASTER,@byte% : All CPCs will take the byte from the master-CPC (that's good for random values that should be the same on every CPC)
|EX.STR,@a$(0) : exchange strings
|EX.INT,@i%(0) : exchange integers
|EXT.REAL,@r!(0) : exchange reals
"Net Battle" is a basic game that uses the Net Library. You shoot with canons and try to hit the other players.

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