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When the program starts it asks for a file to load that should contain the initial pattern. There are a few in the disk (files with .PAT extension), but in case you want to create your own, these are just CPC screens with the following "specs":

Mode 0
Linear layout
128 x 256 pixels (the grid size the program supports)
Dead cells should have ink 0 and live cells ink 10 (decimal).
This format is far from optimal and not definitive, each pattern takes 17KB's regardless of its actual size. But there is enough room in a disk for some of them.
Once the pattern is loaded the program starts showing it, from this moment on the following controls are available:
SPACE - Start/Pause evolution
F - Show/Hide information panel
C - Toggle colour mode (from 4 possible combinations)
D - Enable double buffered mode, this mode also forces monochrome colour mode, this is an algorithm limitation.
VERTICAL ARROWS - Scroll the game area
1-9 - Advance N generations and pause
RIGHT ARROW - Keep advancing generations (at a limited display rate) while pressed

- MISC -
Le programme utilise la technique du Multi-Mode qui permet de mélanger les modes graphiques.

Auteur : OPQA


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