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© Prodatron (2007)
SymAmp v2.2 For SymBOS

Last Update : Monday 18 November 2019 at 17 h 44
CTM644 Colour Monitor
GT65 Green Monitor



UTILITY -> Sound               

SymAmp is a music player for SymBOS, which currently supports compiled Starkos modules (SKM, this is the compiled version), Soundtrakker 128 modules (ST2, this also is the compiled version of *.128 files), PT3 modules (ZX Spectrum Protracker, Vortex Tracker) and MP3 files (MSX with MP3MSX decoder card required). SymAmp provides a playlist with a full featured editor. Songs can also be played in random order. When the end of a song has been reached, the next one will be loaded and played automatically.


Keyboard shortcuts:
Z -> play previous song in the playlist
X -> play current song
C -> pause
V -> stop playing
B -> play next song in the playlist
Cursor Right/Left -> Fast forward/backward
Cursor Up/Down -> Increase/decrease volume
L -> load new song
R -> repeat on/off
S -> shuffle on/off
Alt + E -> switch playlist on/off
A -> Add song to the playlist
Alt + A -> Add folder to the playlist
Del -> remove selected songs from playlist
Clr -> remove all songs from playlist
Ctrl + A -> select all songs of the playlist
Ctrl + N -> unselect all songs of the playlist
Alt + I -> invert playlist song selections
U -> move selected songs down inside the playlist
D -> move selected songs up inside the playlist
Ctrl + O -> Load new playlist
Ctrl + S -> Save current playlist


Auteur : Joern MIKA alias Prodatron / Symbiosis
DEMO -> Sound ST128 Song Modules By BSC For SymBOS © _Public_Domain_ (2005)
DEMO -> Sound ST128 Song Modules By Crown For SymBOS © _Public_Domain_ (2005)
DEMO -> Sound ST128 Song Modules By Kangaroo For SymBOS © _Public_Domain_ (2005)
DEMO -> Sound ST128 Song Modules Misc For SymBOS © _Public_Domain_ (2005)
DEMO -> Sound Starkos Song Modules For SymBOS © _Public_Domain_ (2005)


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