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SymSee v1.3 For SymBOS

Last Update : Monday 18 November 2019 at 17 h 44
CTM644 Colour Monitor
GT65 Green Monitor



UTILITY -> Graphics               

SymSee is a picture viewer for SymbOS, which allows you to watch your complete image library in a very comfortable way. You can step through your gallery with one mouse or keyboard click for each picture. Pictures can be viewed in window or (more or less) fullscreen mode. Raw 16K CPC files, OCP Art Studio (compressed or uncompressed) screens and SymbOS SGX files of any resolutions in 4 or 16 colours are supported. SymSee supports a slide show feature, where the pictures will change automatically after a special time. Even a random order is possible. 320x200 (CPC) and 512x212 (MSX) standard SymbOS SGX files can be used as desktop pictures directly from SymSee.


Keyboard shortcuts:
Delete -> show previous picture
Space -> show next picture
Cursor Up/Down/Left/Right -> scroll current picture
Ctrl + O -> open new picture
Ctrl + P -> open option dialogue
Escape -> Switch between fullscreen and window view mode
F -> Switch between fullscreen and window view mode


Auteur : Joern MIKA alias Prodatron / Symbiosis


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