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CPC Plus Desktop [CPC+]

CM 14 Colour Monitor
MM 12 Monochrome Monitor



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Commentaire de l'auteur :
In 1994 I ordered a CPC+ from a mail order house in Great Britain. I wanted to see what this new kind of CPC was able to do. Unfortunately the extra features of the CPC plus weren't supposed to be used by the general public. After these features were exposed by Logon Systems everybody was able to use them in his programs or demos.

I've used the features of the new ASIC graphics chip in some of my demos. That is I upgraded the twistscroll to feature a plus version with better color. I also added more colors to my texture mapping demo to make it look even better on the CPC+ and I added hardware sprites to the unfinished chessboard zoomer, so that besides the chessboard I could also have vertical color bars on the screen.

But besides that I was also just trying out different things with the sprites and extra colors. For example I created a ROM-RAM-Box module that's only purpose was to display a mode 1, 16 color Odiesoft logo in the bottom right corner of the screen when the CPC was turned on.

Another one of these test programs was a mock-up desktop for the CPC+. The graphics for this desktop were a blatant rip-off from the Acorn desktop, but I intended to change that as some later point. I used up all 16 CPC+ hardware sprites to display a full horizontal line of graphics on the screen. Unfortunately I had to zoom the sprites to Mode 0, so that they filled the whole screen - that made the menu and icons look a little blocky, but I didn't know how to do a horizontal splitting of the hardware sprites.

I also added some submenus to the desktop, so if you move the mouse over the different drive icons or the change color icon, context menus would pop up. These menus didn't have any function. I intended to add at least minimal function to these menus, that is you were supposed to be able to change the screen resolution and the colors and display the directories of the A, B and C drive. But more than that wasn't planned. I never intended to create a fully functional operating system - I was just fooling around a little and that's all.

Codeur : Georg ODENTHAL Alias Odiesoft


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