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Hisoft Pascal 4t - Bouncing Ball in XOR Mode

CTM644 Colour Monitor
GT65 Green Monitor



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Bouncy.pas/Bouncy.bin - converted from a version Devilmarkus wrote in BASIC 12 months ago. It uses a very BASIC approach of redefining Graphics into a 2 Coloured Ball using XOR Graphics Mode.

Bcyset.pas/Bcyset.bin - Uses Pascal SETs for redefining the 2 Coloured Ball, inks have been changed to a variety of blues, which seems to eliminate the flickering problem of the 1st program.

Loading the Source Code:
Like Locomotive BASIC, Hisoft Pascal 4t Tokenises its program files to help reduce memory use, so they need to be loaded into Hisoft Pascal 4t.
1) Load Hisoft Pascal 4t
2) At the Prompt Press 'Enter/Return'
3) Editor can be altered to Mode 2 Resolution with 'w' option.
4) Programs can be loaded with 'g,,bouncy.pas' or 'g,,bcyset.pas'
5) List the programs with 'L'

Converting the programs to ASCII format to edit with your favourite editor using Winape:
1) Using Winape Select [Input] [Other], select dump to File & type in a filename (e.g. bcyset.pas)
2) In Hisoft Pascal 4t, using the 'z' option, this will dump any program in memory to that file.
3) Once it's done, revert Printer Settings to prevous settings to prevent any further printout printing into that file (I usually just Disable).

Visurally both programs perform the same, though the coding behind "bcyset.pas" solves how someone could get around redefining the character set without the need of loading data (not suitable for game competitions) or using a more BASIC approach of redefining the character set.

Auteur : Ross SIMPSON alias Out Bush


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