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CTM644 Colour Monitor
GT65 Green Monitor



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NSWP, Superb disc and file management utility.
BinCalc, On screen calculator.
Compare, Compare two files for differences.
Look, Views and edits ascii and binary files.
BD04, Checks discs for bad sectors and files.
XDir, Directory utility.
Unload, Convert COM files to HEX files.
NDDT, Improved version of DDT & SID.
RASMB, Convert HEX files into mnemonics.
RASMTA, As RASMB but saves stack pointers.
LOHD, Improved version of LOAD.
LASM, Improved version of ASM.
XIZI, Z80 to 8080 to Z80 m/code translator.
ZMAC, Relocatable Z80 macro assembler.
Link, Z80 machine code program linker.
D, Directory utility.
SD, Directory utility.
Display, Improved text file reader.
DS, Directory utility, replaces DIR.
MDIR, Directory utility, replaces DIR.
Print, Superb text file printer utility.
WC, Counts the words in a text file.
ED, Documentation for ED.COM.
Z80ASM, Z80 assembler.
ERAQ16, Improved version of the ERA command.
LU, Library (.LBR) file creator.


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