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Adder, Guide the snake to collect points.
Anna, Eat the diamonds with your annaconda.
Assets, Asset strip companies to make a profit.
BIO, Plot your BioRhythms, having a good day?
Calendar, Print out a calendar for the year.
Catlabel, Print out a label for any disc.
CBeep, Customise the beep on your CPC.
"Cribbage", The card came of crib.
Desert, Quide your tank around the desert.
DropFour, A version of connect four.
Editor, Run your own magazine and make a profit.
EEZAP, Shoot the balloon to win.
"Gin Rummy", Play the card card on your CPC.
"Hangman", Guess the word before it's to late.
IceFront, An interesting game.
Music, Write and play tunes.
Ode, Dedicate an ode to a friend.
"Patience", Play the card came of patience.
"Piquet", The card came of piquet.
RomanNum, Converts numbers to roman numerals.
Spring, An interesting game, well worth playing.
Trench, Fly your fighter down a trench.
Bop, Plays a bit of Bop music.
"Chess", Basic game of chess.
Colossal, The solution to Level 9's colossal cave's.
Creepy, Move around the vegetables, don't touch.
CSea, Get the submarines before they escape.
CTN, Conversion of a very old english game.
"Connect Four", Another version of connect four.
Gigo & Fred, Garbage in, garbage out, talking rubbish!
Horoscope, Want to know the future ? here it is!
Octave, Play the octaves on the numeric keypad.
Organ, Use the keys as an organ! designer tunes?
Pools, Win the pools with this super aid?
Splat, A super machine code & Basic game.
Timebomb, Collect the timebombs before they explode.

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