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Cleanup, Improved version of CP/M's ERA command
DirChk, Check the disc directory and locate files.
Display, Improved version of CP/M's TYPE command.
FileChop, Splits up large text files.
LRUN23, RUN a .COM file from within a .LBR file.
LT29, Easy the use library file unpacker.
NC, NewCopy, improved disc to disc file copier.
NULU15, Super disc utility, similar to NSWP.
UNZIP, Unzips archive files created by PKZIP.
ACOPY21A, General purpose, super fast, file copier.
DU, Superb Disc utility. Fully documented.
Grep, Scan text or programs for keywords.
List, Improves the appearance of printed output.
LookAt, View text or program files.
MFT, Easy Multi-File Transfers on CP/M.
Rescue, Rescue programs from corrupted discs.
RPIP, Improved version of PIP.
Sort, Sorts text files into alph-numeric order.
VList, Improved version of TYPE.
WSClean, Strips high bits from text files.

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