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SIDE A: The Allen 'The L Plate' Cooper special.
Discndex, A disc index utility for all disc drives.
Discout, A single drive version of the above.
Dscout.Bin, M/c by Stewart Peppiatt for the above two.
Cpclabel, A disc labeller utilising 160 CPI printers.
Cpclabel.Ams, As above but for any printer.
Everydos, 6128 only labeller for 3/3.5 inch drives.
Everydos.Ams, Ditto but for any printer.
Manualbl, Protext file for overfull discs labels.
Manlabel.Bin, The printer driver for the above.
Discndex.Art, Explanatory article about these programs.
CassCard, Cassette inlay for your program cassettes.
Alphabet, Large style font for use with Protext.
CPM.Bin, Load CP/M, set Drive B to 792K D20 format.
Edit, Set up the keyboard for Pascal editing.
NSWPBook, NSWP instructions in book form for Protext.
Program.Bas, BASIC programming aid.
Typing.Tut, Super typing tutorial.

SIDE B: Utilities
Hist, Histogram creator by Robert Heaton.
Font-Fix, Correct small defects in MD+ fonts.
Various IC/DR, Examples and new MD+ fonts.
TT/TT2, Typing tutor.
CarNum, Car registration number locator.
Godwin, Large screen dump utility.
Tutor, Gosh another typing tutor.
Wales, Explore Wales by Robert Fisk.


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