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The Cliff Man!

Last Update : Saturday 27 October 2018 at 20 h 52

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Version compilée avec "Hisoft Pascal Amstrad CPC464.Version of 26/9/84.Copyright Hisoft 1983,84.All rights reserved"

Commentaire de l'auteur :
I never really had a title for this, it's simply a little Viking Character I drew up myself charging from one side of the screen to the other, with a Cliff in it's Path. Back when I wrote it I had no concept of Array's so no check routine to check when he should drop, I haven't complicated things by adding one either and have just stuck to the old true method of Drawing this character so far before having them drop, this demo really shows how well my Animation sequencing works and even now it's a simple 2 sprite approach. Like my 1st Demo, this also used the Spriting Back Utility and with again Invisible Box placed around.

I updated again using ESD Advanced with Hisoft Pascal just to see how well the Animation with a Background in play would perform, was also an opportunity to use the simple mask pattern generator to draw a background, however while I was in the process of using it, I found a bug which relates to when the position changes (from the left side of the screen it works perfectly fine, but offsetting the x-coordinate and problems begin to emerge, the solution which I hadn't done in my BASIC example was to add X to the Final value from within the FOR loop, thus correcting that), in this demo the pattern shifts when the 1st lot of ground on the left side is found and needs to follow down to the displaced ground that the Viking Falls down to. Overall again I'm happy with the result. :D


Auteur : Ross SIMPSON alias Out Bush


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