UTILITY -> Floppy disc and tape tool
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UTILITY -> Floppy disc and tape tool               
- MISC -
Message de Phoenix0870 :
This program was from Schneider International and ran only on the CPC 6128 with 128KB of RAM.
I reprogrammed it to work on CPC 464-664 + 6128 with 64KB, 128KB -> 4096KB
It also displays the machine type and RAM address and bank where the program stores the data.
In addition, you can now reduce the size of the buffer if the program crashes during copying.
It also copies unformatted tracks.
For some users very interesting.
Have the copy program changed a bit.
It shows Gap#3 optimized and now shows the free string RAM.

Concept original : Oliver MAYER
Amélioration et version ALL CPC : Phoenix0870


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