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Projectile Motion Simulator v2.0

Last Update : Saturday 08 February 2020 at 21 h 24

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Commentaire de l'auteur :
Projectile Motion Simulator (PMS) is a small piece of software coded in Locomotive BASIC that allows to draw the trajectories of a projectile launched with a certain initial speed and shooting angle.
The program was coded in mode 0 by José M. Campiña (@jomicamp) for Rainbow Graphics in 2019. José Javier Garcia Aranda, from 8 bits of power (8BP), provided a small routine ASM for transfert picture quickly to screen. Once loaded with RUN"DISC.BAS", a colourful picture governs the screen while the program asks you to introduce the starting speed of the projectile (bullet, stone, javelin and so on) and the launching angle. Then the program will draw its trajectory and will supply the calculated values of range (the total distance in the x axis) and the maximum height reached during its fly. We can also play with gravity. For these purposes we can modify the gravitatory acceleration constant in multiples of G (-9.8 m/s2).
This program is intended for pedagogical purposes and is not indicated for accurate analysis. It does not consider the effect of friction with the atmosphere neither the mass of the projectile. For all these reasons, this is best suited for high school students to deal with the analysis of projectile motion as studied in physics courses. After dealing with the theory, kids can go to it and visualize how the different variables affect the trajectory, height, and range of the launched projectiles in graphic way. Hopefully we will attract them to the world of vintage computers too, showing them that those may be used for something else than gaming."



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