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For the Byte Search, Decimal numbers are the default, press Enter/Return after each digit and press Enter/Return when finished. Hexadecimal numbers can be entered after the '&'.


Paru sous forme de listing dans le magazine Popular Computing Weekly 20-26 December 1984, vol 3 No 51.
Auteur : Mark RICE

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Corrections par Ross SIMPSON :
The original published Listing had some problems and I modified the following lines :
90 CLS #1 :FOR A=S TO 65535 STEP 200 :M=INT(A/256) :POKE @F$+1,A-M*256 :POKE @F$+2,M :F=INSTR(F$,S$) :IF F<>0 THEN GOSUB 110

The original published listing had POKE @S$+1,A-M*256:POKE @S$+2,M and wasn't finding anything since s$ is the search string. Following the original notes of the programme, the POKES are meant to poke to the address of the Dummy String (F$). With that corrected the search operation began to function correctly.

110 PRINT #1," "HEX$(A+F-1)"H";A+F-1 :RETURN

I altered this line because the Addresses PRINTed was +1 from the start address of the Bytes Found.

20 CLS :F$=SPACE$(250) :S$="" :PRINT "S>tring or B>yte search ?"

When I carried out a few Byte Searches, it wasn't finding those Bytes after the first search and noticed s$ wasn't being cleared. So now S$="" clears the search pattern.


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