GAME -> Action
© U.S.Gold (1988)
16.00 / 20.00
Psycho Pigs UXB
Psycho Pig UXB

CTM644 Colour Monitor
GT65 Green Monitor



GAME -> Action               
1 player
2 simultaneous opposing players
Vous devez anéantir vos ennemis à l'aide de bombes que vous larguez. Ces dernières peuvent exploser quand le décompte arrive à 0 ou quand elles touchent le sol. De nombreux bonus viendront vous aider au fil de l'aventure, vous permettant par exemple de larguer plusieurs bombes simultanément.

- MISC -
Jeu en MODE 0 (16 couleurs).
Sortie en Arcade en 1987 par le manufacturer "NMK" sous le titre "Butasan".

Information fourni par Chema le 14/01/2024 :
Last week i had a chat with Dean Belfield and after consulting his ex-mates at Software Creations we found that the author of the Amstrad version of Psycho Pigs UXB is Mike Follin. He himself confirmed us that he slighty remember doing the conversion in one week.

There´s a little story behind. There was another version done by Ste CORK. He had given the company the leaving notice and was asked if he could do the amstrad one. He did a lazy speccy port in one week that was rejected by US Gold because they wanted a CPC native one. With no time at all, Software Creations gave the project to Mike FOLLIN, who ported it in one week as well, but as we know the game now.

Edité par : U.S.Gold
Présent sur la cassette paru avec le magazine CPC Computing Vol. 4, No. 11, November 1988.

Développement : Software Creations
Programmation : Mike FOLLIN
Ecran titre : P. GOUGH
COMPILATION -> Press CPC Computing November 1988 © CPC Computing (1988)
COMPILATION -> Official Erbe 88 © Erbe Software (1988)
COMPILATION -> Official Psycho Pigs U.X.B. + Titanic © Erbe Software (1988)

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