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GAME -> Action               
1 player

The game starts with a small single segment snake in the centre of the screen automatically moving to the left. Your task is to guide this snake around the screen eating numbers that will appear randomly around the screen. Each time you eat a number your snakes body will grow by that number of segments.
However you need to be careful. The snake cannot move beyond the edges of the screen or cross its own path. Hit the edge of the screen or the growing body of the snake and it's GAME OVER! Beware - the top of the screen is at Line2, below the score line. Also, each time you eat a number the snakes movement will speed up by that amount.
When the game ends press any key to return to Locomotive BASIC and execute : RUN
for another game.

Snake is a high score challenge game. Who lasts the longest and eats the most numbers gets the highest score and wins. You score 10pts each time the snake moves and the value of any numbers the snake eats.

- MISC -

Participation à la compétition "BASIC 10Liner competition" dans la catégorie PUR-120.
Classé 23/26 avec 3.83/10 points.

Commentaire de l'auteur :
My first attempt at writing a complete game limited to 10 Lines. Chosen Locomotive BASIC (Amstrad CPC) for auld lang syne. Pretty simple game many will remember from their old Nokia mobile phones in the early 2000's. Code is under 800 characters but a couple of lines squeek over 80 characters hence PUR-120. Game would easily be PUR-80 in just about anyother 8-bit dialect.


Clavier QWERTY :
w = gauche
z = droite
p = haut
l = bas


Auteur : TMCD677

- BUGS -

Le fait d'appuyer sur une touche qui n'est pas géré par le programme, engendrera l'immobilisation du serpent mais pas l'arrêt du cumul des points.


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