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Cette production a été classée 1ère ex aequo de la compétition "OldSchool Intro" de la "Shadow Party 2021"

Message de l'auteur :
This is the final release of GX8K (but I've also included the party version for reference). What's added is a scrolltext in the place of "IT IS OVER" and also went back and reused another compressor (ZX0) instead of shrinkler in the party version because there is no point anymore to try and save those extra bytes before 8k (it was more useful when I was fighting for 4k and was close but now I've long exceeded that) and shrinkler does really take over 20secs to start while ZX0 is instant. Last thing I did was to create a cartidge for GX4000 too. I briefly tested both versions in a CPC 6128+ and GX4000. I don't have a CPC464+ but could possibly work there too as I am not using more than 64k of RAM.
I had more ideas for this one (and more real effects than the empty sprites in some parts) but somehow time, motivation and space all came short. I'll probably complete my effect ideas (inspired by watching too many early Amiga AGA demos) for a bigger CPC+ demo instead. I was a bit inactive on the CPC scene for a long, but there are a lot of things brewing from time to time. I hope you enjoy this one (I was definitelly surprised I could start making this and actually managed to finish it, unlike a lot of other abandoned stuff in my HD).


Groupe : Dirty Minds
Codeur : Optimus
Database : "Pouet"
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