UTILITY -> Floppy disc and tape tool
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Contiki v1.2
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UTILITY -> Floppy disc and tape tool               
Contiki is an open source, highly portable, networked, multi-tasking operating system for memory-constrained systems.

Contiki runs on a variety of tiny systems ranging from embedded 8-bit microcontrollers to old homecomputers such the Commodore 64. Code footprint is on the order of kilobytes and memory usage can be configured to be as low as tens of bytes.

Contiki provides a simple event-driven kernel with per-process optional preemptive multi-threading, interprocess communication using message passing through events, a dynamic process structure with support for loading and unloading programs, native TCP/IP support using the uIP TCP/IP stack, and a GUI subsystem with either direct graphic support for locally connected terminals or networked virtual display with VNC or over Telnet.

Contiki user interface is controlled using the keyboard.

Press F1 to move focus to the the menu bar. Pressing F1 a second time will move focus away from the menu bar.

Press cursor-left and cursor-right to choose the menu. The title of the menu will be highlighted.

Press RETURN to open the menu. Then use cursor-up and cursor-down to choose the menu item. Use RETURN to select the menu item.

Auteur : Adam DUNKELS
Version Amstrad CPC : Kevin THACKER


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