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Message de Phoenix0870 :
I found a program from 1997 that makes it possible to transfer from CPC to PC.
This disk is readable in the PC and CPC, since track 0-39 is DOS range and CPC track 40-79, which is readable and writable with a few POKEs.
I have already made a description in German and English, so that everyone understands and can apply this transferprogram.
It only transfers unprotected standard formats.
DATA and SYSTEM format Track 0-39 from A to B and from B to A with independent formatting.
Formatting is done with offset so that reading and writing the disc is faster.
Disk A and Disk B.

I hope it arouses some people's interest in what we did with the CPC 464, CPC 664 and CPC 6128.
It recognizes 64-4096KB of RAM, which helps the fast transfer.

I've sent you the PC-CPC format for Drive B so that you can see what this kind of formatting looks like with faster offset.
The 10 sectors per track must be, because the PC needs the trackinfo to file the CPCFILE.D00

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