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© Anco Software (1986)
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Thai Boxing

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CTM644 Colour Monitor
GT65 Green Monitor



GAME -> Fight               
1 player

Jeu de combat à un contre un dans lequel le joueur doit effectuer différents coups et esquiver ou bloquer les attaques de l'adversaire. Plus les coups sont efficaces et plus le score du joueur augmente, le but étant de mettre KO le combattant adverse ou encore d'avoir le meilleur score à la fin des trois rounds.

- MISC -

Le jeu est en MODE 1 et via l'utilisation des rasters, permet de dépasser les 4 couleurs par défaut.


Edité par : Anco Software
Réédité par : The Micro Selection
Distribué en Espagne en 1987 par : Zafiro Software
Distribué en espagne par : Dro Soft
Programmation : Richard J. CHAPPELLS

- BUGS -

* Reset avec un CPC 6128 AZERTY (explication par SyX)
4 differences between french rom and uk (the same ones between uk and the spanish one), those are:
1.- The keyboard table: The chars are associated to the key combinations (without or with SHIFT or CONTROL pressed).

2.- The font: A few chars are changed for having a more french experience

3.- In the initialization text appears f3 for french, instead of v3 for uk or s3 for spanish. Some games read from the rom this byte for trying to detect if we are in a spanish, french or uk cpc... thai does not do this

4.- There is a place not used in the firmware ROM, that goes from &058A - &0590, that is filled with $C7, except the byte in &058A that is &26 in UK rom, $44 in french rom and &B3 in the spanish rom.

Put a breakpoint in $8267, then load Thai Boxing and your emulator will stop in:
Code :
LD A,$44 <-- Suspicious value
CP (HL) <--- Firmware ROM is enabled and HL is pointing to it
JR Z,.here
JR .loop

They are basically increasing HL, to discover where is the first $44 ("D") in the ROM, that is usually in &0653, instead of doing "LD HL,&0653", the "genious" making this code did that and i can promise this trick can not fool any "cracker".

This game only runs in uk, spanish or fw3.x by luck and doesn't run in french 6128s by bad luck.

Copy the french rom to other file, open in an hex editor, change the &44 byte in &058A to any other value and you will be able to run Thai Boxing perfectly with this new french rom.

Other solution is fixing the game loader, or cracking the game or in the original floppy you will need to understand the encryptation algorithm (another boring R register decryption loop) and replace that loop for the "LD HL,&0653" and that is all.
COMPILATION -> Press Log'Star 5 © Logipresse (1990)

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