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Blade Runner

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1 player
Votre objectif est de traquer les replicants qui se sont infiltrés dans la population de la ville de Los Angeles. Pour cela, vous devez patrouiller dans les rues à bord de votre voiture et scanner les environs. Si un replicant apparaît sur l'écran, vous sortez et continuez la traque à pied. Il faudra alors éviter les voitures et les passants qui occupent les rues et tirer sur la bonne cible.

- MISC -
Inspiré du film "Blade Runner", réalisé par Ridley SCOTT, sorti en 1982 avec Harrison FORD, Rutger HAUER, Sean YOUG, Darryl HANNAH et adapté du roman "Les androïdes rêvent-ils de moutons électriques ?" de Philip Kindred DICK.

Le jeu est en MODE 1 et via l'utilisation des rasters, permet de dépasser les 4 couleurs par défaut.
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Edité par : CRL Group
Distribué en Espagne par : Zafiro Software

- BUGS -
On replicants above level 4, they take more than one shot to kill. Level 5 replicant takes two shots, and level 6 replicant takes 3 shots. There's a bug where on the 2nd shot and 3rd shot (in the case of the level 6 replicant) it also registers as shooting a pedestrian! You're only allowed to shoot 5 pedestrians per game. In the code when this happens it jumps from &19A7 to &19C9 and there it subtracts one pedestrian hit...

Corrections par Johnny OLSEN :
You are only allowed to hit 5 pedestrains.
The problem is that when you hit one of the harder replikants (2 or 3 hit to die) you also hit a Pedestrian.

After you hit a hard replikant the code jump from &19A7 to &19C9 and there sub one Pedestrian

Try poke &19A8,&19 maybe it solves the problem.

Test just poke &19A8,&19 and poke &19CC,x x=Pedestrian hit default 6

The freeze thing is not a bug - the game wait for a keypress in &3239

I can't find the replikants counter (24 replikants or 6 rounds) maybe you have to kill 36 replikants 36=&24 hex.

When you reach 500.000 point you will see the very nice end screen.
198B: LD HL,(&1911)
198E: INC L
198F: LD A,(HL)
1991: INC L
1991: CP &06
1993: LD A,&82
1995: JR NZ,&19CA

1997: LD DE,&02F2 --- pointer to the word "Hit"
199A: LD (&0287),DE
199E: ADD A
199F: ADD A
19A1: LD A,&03 --- Hit counter (Replikants) - could be 1,2 or 3
19A3: DEC A --- Sub one hit
19A4: (&19A2),A --- save new hit counter
19A7: JR NZ,&19C9 --- if not zero then jump to &19c9 - Try change to jump to &19c2 (&19a8,&19)

19A9: LD DE,&02FA
19AC: LD (&0287),DE
19B0: LD A,&C9
19B2: LD (&1BF5),A
19B5: LD A,&FE
19B7: LD (&2040),A
19BA: LD (&1C47),A
19BD: LD A,&AF
19BF: LD (&17E4),A

19C2: LD A,(&19CC)
19C5: INC A --- add one hit (Pedestrian)
19C6: LD (&19CC),A

19C9: POP AF
19CA: LD (HL),A
19CB: LD A,&05 --- Hit Counter (Pedestrians)
19CD: DEC A --- Sub one hit
19CE: LD (&19CC),A --- save new hit counter
19D1: SRL A
19D3: JP Z,&1AAC --- If Zero the jump to dead
19D6: LD HL,&03F8 --- else pointer to the message "Warning Pedistricide is an ....."
19D9: DEC A
19DA: JR Z,&19E2

Start your score with 300,000 points (when you play the map part) -> Poke &01DC,&03

If you poke &19A2 with 01 you only have to hit the level 5 or 6 replicant's one time - it would make the game much easier!

There are 4 scientists alive at the start of the game. These will be slowly killed off if a replicant on the map screen walks over their location, which can happen very quickly especially when level 5 replicants appear. At the end of a 'wave' - ie killing 4 replicants, 4 new replicants and scientists are supposed to be spawned at a new map location. However the counter for how many scientists are alive is NOT reset at the end of a wave, so if only 3 were left at the end of the wave then only 3 new ones will spawn. This makes the game infinitely more impossible if you intend to reach 500,000 points! Unfortunately we were unable to find a solution for this particular bug, there seems to be some self modifying code which makes tracking down this particular counter in the code difficult. Even worse, on a new wave a replicant can spawn on top of a scientist!

Several times I've experienced random game overs from returning to the map screen after killing a replicant, after 1 second it quits back to the title/menu screen. It may be that the remaining scientists are instant killed - unconfirmed.
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