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Amstrad Monitor



The program provides the following facilities:
Query Memory - displays a row of eight bytes of data in hex, starting with the specified address. Hitting Space displays the next eight bytes, and Enter will terminate the command.
Edit memory - displays the specified address in hex and the data held there, also in hex. Enter will step to the next address without changing any data, and ^ - unshifted £ - will step backwards to the previous address, again without changing any data. Entering a byte of data, i.e. two hex digits, will cause that value to be entered at the current address. The two digits are entered without a preceding &. Entering a q will terminate the command.
Breakpoint - sets or clears a breakpoint. If setting, then a four-digit hex address is requested, if clearing, the address is remembered and cleared automatically. On encountering the breakpoint, the contents of all the registers are displayed - except for the alternate register set, which Amstrad discourages the use of.
Goto - executes a machine-code program from a specified address.
Load - loads a named binary file from cassette.
Save - saves a named binary file to cassette.
Except for data entry during the edit command, all values must be entered in hex and preceded by the & character.

Paru sous forme de listing dans le magazine Your Computer, April 1985, Vol 5, n° 4.
Auteur : Denis RILEY

- BUGS -
Thank you for publishing my Amstrad monitor program in the April issue of Software File. Since sending you the program I have identified a bug which occurs under certain conditions. The fix far this requires the lines listed below to be changed/added
34 FOR pointer=&ABB3 TO &ABDE:READ a:POKE pointer,a:NEXT
35 DATA &ed, &73, &ee, &ab. &d5, &c9, &00, &33, &33, &ed, &73. &ec &ab
39 DATA &ea, &ab, &ed, &7b,&ee, &ab, &c9
330 POKE &30,&C3:POKE &31,&BA:POKE &32,&AE:REM set restart & ready to jump to breakpoint hander at &ABBA
420 CALL &ABB3,address


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