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Bubble Bobble 4 CPC

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1 player
2 simultaneous cooperating players
Ce remake a été créé pour rendre hommage au créateur de la version originale (Arcade) de "Bubble Bobble", à savoir : Fukio "MTJ" Mitsuji (1960-2008).
Un jeu tout mignon où il faut éclater des bulles pour vider chaque niveau de bestioles qui disparaissent en se transformant en bonbons ? On pense immédiatement à BUBBLE BOBBLE ! Si en 1987 les joueurs se sont contentés de la version fournie par Software Creations, il faut reconnaître qu'on est à la fois loin de l'arcade mais aussi des possibilités du CPC.

- MISC -
Sortie en Arcade en 1986 par le manufacturer "Taito Corp. [Japan]" sous le titre "Bubble Bobble".

Comprend 100 niveaux.

P = Pause on/off
ESC = Quitter le jeu et revenir a l'écran titre

* Combat final
Pour envoyer facilement les éclairs sur le boss, il suffit de se coller contre le mur et de tirer contre celui-ci.

* Obtenir le code complet
Il faut trouver et prendre les 4 portes cachées dans le jeu.
. Level 20, vers un niveau bonus puis le niveau 22
. Level 30, vers un niveau bonus puis le niveau 32
. Level 40, vers un niveau bonus puis le niveau 42
. Level 50, la porte permet d'aller jusqu'au niveau 70

* Vrai fin

* Super Mode :
Au menu principal, appuyer sur les touches : Saut, Droite, Gauche, Droite, Saut, Gauche, Droite, Gauche
Une étoile doit apparaître.

* Ultra Mode :
Au menu principal, appuyer sur les touches : Saut, Gauche, Saut, Droite, Saut, Droite, Saut, Gauche
Une tête de mort doit apparaître.

* Power Up :
Au menu principal, appuyer sur les touches : Saut, Droite, Gauche, Saut, Droite, Gauche, Droite, Gauche
Un bonbon doit apparaître.

* Super Mode + Ultra Mode + Power Up :
Il est possible de cumuler les 3 cheat modes.

Edité par : Matra Computer Automations
Programmation : Cesar Nicolas GONZALEZ alias CNGSOFT
Musique : Herve MONCHATRE alias Tom Et Jerry du GPA
Version arcade originale : Taito Corporation

25/12/2011: first public release.
27/12/2011: second public release. Water streams fall down if created inside walls, keeping the game from halting; Skel Monsta always spawns when time runs out.
03/03/2012: third public release. Many bugfixes and patches (water streams cancelling themselves, baddies jumping too much or chasing dead players, umbrella warping to wrong rounds, bonus items removed or corrupted after levels, big baddie unable to shoot or escape, baddies now start moving in waves) plus a new unlockable "Ultra Mode".
09/09/2012: fourth public release. New loading screen, more compatible tape encoding, dynamicly-adjusted difficulty, "Hurry up!!" shows when the alarm rings, fixed bubble popping timings and boundaries (cfr. rounds 10, 13, 19...), enemy shots can't kill players using the Chack'n Heart, the ring power-up is more generous, etc.
15/09/2012: fifth public release. Minor fixes in the title screen and the "Hurry up!!" logic.
25/01/2013: sixth public release. Fixed a regression in the "Continue" logic, improved EXTEND and fruit drops logic, bubbles now clump together in less predictable patterns, changed the behavior of the clock powerup (baddies freeze instead of slowing down), minor graphical fixes.
04/02/2013: seventh public release. Fixed a regression in the recursive bubble popping routine (it caused a bug in round 100) and a bug in the Pulpul motion, and gave the players more time to move at the start of a round. The Exomizer unpacking routine is 15% faster now.
27/03/2013: eighth public release. Pixel cleanup in title screen and in-game sprites, fixed a colour bug in ULTRA MODE, "HURRY UP" paints all enemies red, faster lightning sparks, fixed a glitch in misaligned sprites, faster Super Drunk round, faster tile rendering.
07/07/2013: ninth public release. New overscan intro screen, new in-game tutorial (128k only), fixed water streams (ten blocks rather than just eight) and drowned enemies (water carries them now), minor changes in title screen and sprites, minor scoring overflow bugfixes, minor size and speed optimizations.
27/07/2013: very tiny CRTC compatibility patch. Game texts still read "07/07/2013" but new files are timestamped July 27th 2013.
30/12/2013: tenth public release. Wildfire now looks like in the original arcade; flame and water bubbles drop their contents from their top rather than bottom (rounds 12 and 70 play now more closely to the arcade); several sprites have been partially redrawn (bubble dragons, Mighta, hamburger, peach, doughnut, Super Drunk); secret codes have their own tile; size optimisations in the Exomizer unpacking routine; the "Extend" bubbles cycle when completing them (like in the arcade); HALT no longer used for sync; minor size and speed optimisations.
26/04/2014: RetroMadrid 2014 special release: 2000 baud tape recording with custom turbo loader, umbrellas and silver doors no longer forget rounds that would normally turn bubbles into fruit, minor size optimisations.
20/06/2014: twelfth public release. Better graphics for the Super and Ultra endings, enemies don't chase dying players.
06/04/2016: commercial Matranet tape release
DEMO -> Other Bubble Bobble 4 CPC Demo © _Public_Domain_ (2009)

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