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Clouds With Virgins In The Skies

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A 4k entry for Reset#8 Intro Compo.

Finally, it's finished and properly compressed. I had so many adventures with this, especially an urge to quit and submit it as a demo because I was fed up exomizer crashed and so I could get this under 4k at first. But then I found another version of exomizer on the internet that worked. I don't know what happened wrong with the other version and I don't want to know right now. I need to sleep.

This intro was codenamed Plan C, meaning that I had another idea I was working on which I abandoned to start with a second easier idea that I avoided too because I don't want to kill it, so I decided to code some effects in my chunky rendering framework and it end up nicely I think. The intro feature realtime cloud generation (with octave based image synthesis) a rotozoomer, a ceiling mapper for cloud sky and another nice touch, sort of glow effect by recursively adding faded blurs of the original cloud onto itself.

I must have been working with this for almost 7 days. I am quite proud for the result for such a little time and wondering what could be possible if I was more motivated to work early before the deadline (lot's of ugly unoptimized code and stuff I would write differently given the time).

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2ème dans la compétition "Démo".

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