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Take Off Megademo Introduction Part - REXSkull
Skull Intro

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Commentaire de l'auteur :
This intro is the result of a team effort on the Beng Euromeeting in Wuppertal in 1993. Even though I took part in the demo competition with my Twist Scroller Demo I had some leisure time to write this simple text scrolling intro with the animated skull.

The skull image and the text font was painted by Rex of Beng!, the sound was composed by DSC of Beng and I created the program.

Most of the work was done on the Beng Euromeeting, but I think I did some optimizing of the program later at home, when Catlock and Rex were staying for a week at my place.

Well, besides that there's nothing much to say. This program surely wasn't my best, but it was fun to write and is a nice remembrance of the Beng Euromeeting. If was obviously supposed to become the initial part of the "Take Off Megademo", but this seems to be the only part ever getting finished...


Groupe : Beng!, HJT
Codeur : Georg ODENTHAL Alias Odiesoft
Graphiste : rexbeng
Musicien : Villain
Database : "Demozoo"


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