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Mad Max Music

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Music converted all from atari st.

This disc image contains tunes composed by a musician of the Atari ST demo scene (Mad Max of TEX) which have been transfered onto the Amstrad CPC.
The Amstrad CPC and Atari ST have compatible sound chips which made the transfer easier.

Transfer procedure:
1. The drivers were ripped on an ST (using a Ultimate Ripper).
2. The files were were then copied to the Amstrad CPC,
3. I disassembled the driver using a Amstrad BASIC program I wrote (disassembles 68000 code)
4. I then converted each instruction step-by-step into equivalent Z80 assembly instructions.
5. The final sound can then be played on the Amstrad CPC.

There are 3 dsk files included:

madmax1.dsk,madmax2.dsk both contain music data files and a driver.
Run"mus1" on madmax1.dsk
Run"mus2" on madmax2.dsk
When both are run a menu will appear. Choose the item from the menu to listen to the music.

madmax3.dsk contains the Amstrad music driver source code.

These tunes were transfered around 1990.

Greetings to Jim Boulton!


Programmation : Kevin THACKER
Musique : Transfert Atari ST


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