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Sunday 14 July 2019

7 / 20
The loading screen is ugly, does not invite to play. Other games have a fantastic loading screen that creates desire for the game, for example Navy Moves.


Wednesday 10 July 2019

10 / 20
I do not like the game. You have to kill the same enemy 8 times to fill the magic. The protagonist does not stop moving, he seems crazy. If you are on top of an enemy, you can not kill him. In short, a mediocre game that does not surpass any of the greats of the time of the 8 bits.


Tuesday 25 June 2019

5 / 20
I hate games that use large markers to reduce the screen.


Wednesday 12 June 2019

11 / 20
I do not like the graphic style, too many mixed colors. The game area is very small. The tiles of the screens are noticed. Sometimes you can not kill enemies. The menu music is very good.


Wednesday 24 April 2019

15 / 20
Music is the best of the game.


Sunday 21 April 2019

18 / 20
ce jeux donnerais une bonne lecon a la plus part des dev de l'epoque ! musique en jeux bruitage couleur fluide tout y et !


Friday 04 January 2019

16 / 20
Good graphics with Layunta's personal style (that some may not like, but I think it is an interesting use of the CPC's palette). With excellent music, the game moves and plays well.

I like the mechanic of charging the magic by killing enemies in order to collect the hearts. It is a simple idea but it adds a lot to the game, even if sometimes feels like it could have more enemy variety.

Other design decisions didn't work for me though, like not being to jump and slash, or the enemies getting over you and draining your energy without other option than retreating and leaving the screen to try again (and the enemies respawn, which makes sense because the magic mechanic). This is a matter of personal taste, but used to some genre conventions, the game feels like it could do these things a bit differently and be a better game.

That said, I think Jarlac is a fun to play high-quality game.


Saturday 29 December 2018

16 / 20
Au début du jeu les graphismes font un peu brouillons puis après quelque temps passé on s'y habitus assez vite, puis on fini par les appréciés. La musique est pas mal foutu, elle vous restera en tête un bon moment près quelques heures de jeu. Le système de jauge de magie c'est pas mal pensé, l'astuce pour la remplir assez vite est de tuer un mobs puis de revenir sur l'écran précédant et de répéter plusieurs fois cette manipulation acr les mobs respawn ce qui facilité bien les choses... Le jeu est peu court et l'image de présentation au début du jeu est un peu moche. Mise à part ça j'ai beaucoup apprécié ce jeu.



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