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Sunday 05 December 2021

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Thank you for your comments.

Not a blad block, is a blank space needed before any file and is generated automatically by the Retro Virtual Machine emulator on every save operation. I tested the CDT with WinAPE and that block not supposes any problem, in fact, without it is a bit bugy to load in RVM and not loads on WinAPE with PLAY control pressed on before the RUN command.

In the other hand, tested CDT on 464/664/6128 on RVM and 464/6128 on WinApe emulators and it works prefectly. Sorry, I don't have real systems: You tested CDT on real CPC's 664/6128 and it does not work?


Friday 03 December 2021

20 / 20
Hi again, new version published at itch.io, text corruption corrected!

Best regards

Kukulcan : You have always a problem with a bad block on your cdt, i delete each time ;-)


Tuesday 23 November 2021

20 / 20
New version correcting "Line does not exist" bug is published at itch.io page.

Kukulcan : Thanks for the information and the correction



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