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The Darkest Road Trilogy

Last Update : Sunday 19 May 2019 at 14 h 42 (dumps)
The Darkest Road Trilogy (UK) (128K) (19xx) (CPM) [COMPILATION]  
elementThe Darkest Road Trilogy (UK) (128K) (19xx) (CPM) [COMPILATION].zip
113.34 Ko (Date : 2020-03-24)
The Darkest Road Trilogy (UK) (128K) (19xx) (CPM) [COMPILATION].dskThe Darkest Road Trilogy (UK) (128K) (19xx) (CPM) [COMPILATION].dsk
[CRC:CD34B5A9]   [HexaDump]   [SectorView]  [SectorData] (113.07 Ko-190.25 Ko)
Chargement : |CPM (clavier Qwerty) ou ùCPM (clavier Azerty) puis DARKEST, UNBORN ou DREAD
Dumpé par : John WILSON

The Darkest Road Trilogy (UK) (128K) (19xx) (CPM) [COMPILATION].dsk

Creator : SAMdisk190122. / EXTENDED CPC DSK File..
1 side / 40 tracks formated / 40 tracks per side.
-- SIDE 1 --
Sectors used : 325 / 360
Sectors format : SectorSize2 (360)
Minimum of sectors in one track : 9
Maximum of sectors in one track : 9

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