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The Screens You Know

Last Update : Monday 26 November 2018 at 21 h 42 (dumps)
The Screens You Know (DA) (1986) [Original] [TAPE] [DEMO]  
elementThe Screens You Know (DA) (1986) [Original] [TAPE] [DEMO].zip
177.46 Ko (Date : 2020-03-24)
The Screens You Know (DA) (1986) [Original] [TAPE] [DEMO].cdtThe Screens You Know (DA) (1986) [Original] [TAPE] [DEMO].cdt
[CRC:B703D3A6]   [HexaDump]   [CdtView] (177.21 Ko-894.62 Ko)
Chargement : |TAPE puis RUN"" ou CTRL+ENTER(pavé numérique)
Dumpé par : 664-CRACKING


CDT nettoyé

The Screens You Know (DA) (1986) [Original] [TAPE] [DEMO].cdt

Creator : ZXTape!
Total of blocks : 62
Blocks format : PAUSE (1), TURBO LOADING DATA (61)

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