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Don't Touch Twice

Last Update : Friday 09 July 2021 at 21 h 45 (dumps)
Don't Touch Twice (UK) (2021)  
elementDon't Touch Twice (UK) (2021).zip
2.79 Ko (Date : 2021-07-31)
Don\Don't Touch Twice (UK) (2021).dsk
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Chargement : RUN"10LINER.BAS
Chargement : RUN"DISC.BAS


* Originally submitted for the Commodore VIC-20 to the BASIC 10-Liners Contest PUR-80 by Rainer Kappler.
* Thanks to Rainer, I could adapt for the Amstrad CPC using similar colours for the graphics and follow how the gameplayed on the VIC-20.
* Included on the Disk is a Listing version (DISC.BAS) as well as a 10-Liner Version (10LINER.BAS), which would fit into the PUR-120 category.
* The Listing version (DISC.BAS) uses the Cursor keys, though to compact the Code for the 10-Liner version, it plays using the Joystick.
* Once the screen is drawn up, your character is placed stationary Top Left Corner and once they begin moving, there's no stopping.
* To help prevent impossible coin placements within the grid, I've kept the edge of the grid clear. It still maybe possible to have a coin around a series of blocks, though I haven't observed this yet!

Don't Touch Twice (UK) (2021).dsk

Creator : WinAPE 2.0A18 / EXTENDED CPC DSK File..
1 side / 40 tracks formated / 40 tracks per side.
-- SIDE 1 --
Sectors used : 8 / 360
Sectors format : SectorSize2 (360)
Minimum of sectors in one track : 9
Maximum of sectors in one track : 9

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