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Artists Only

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Artists Only (UK) (1985) [Your Computer] [UTILITAIRE]  
elementArtists Only (UK) (1985) [Your Computer] [UTILITAIRE].zip
5.71 Ko (Date : 2020-03-24)
Artists Only (UK) (1985) [Your Computer] [UTILITAIRE].dskArtists Only (UK) (1985) [Your Computer] [UTILITAIRE].dsk
[CRC:671D5D9F]   [HexaDump]   [SectorView]  [SectorData] (5.5 Ko-190.25 Ko)
Chargement : RUN"ARTONLY.BAS
Version de : Ross SIMPSON


Is a bit of an Graphical program which allows you to do Lines, Circles, Airbrush (Spray Paint) and Eraser. Attached a bit of a demonstration which you can load from the program, it also can Print, sadly I'm unsure if that works (needs a real Amstrad with Epson compatible printer probably). I've made some adjustments to this program so it works from Disc.

Artists Only (UK) (1985) [Your Computer] [UTILITAIRE].dsk

Creator : SAMdisk100620. / EXTENDED CPC DSK File..
1 side / 40 tracks formated / 40 tracks per side.
-- SIDE 1 --
Sectors used : 49 / 360
Sectors format : SectorSize2 (360)
Minimum of sectors in one track : 9
Maximum of sectors in one track : 9

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