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Phortem [CPC CPC+]


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±±²²²²²²²±± ±²ÛÛÛ²²±± ±±²²ÛÛÛ²± ²Û²± ± ±²Û² ± Û °±Û² P H O R T E M ±²ÛÛÛ²± ±Û²± Û ± ±²Û² ± ²Û²± ±²ÛÛÛÛ²²±±°°Û±±²²ÛÛÛ²± ± ²Û²± ²Û²²²²²²Û²²±± ²Û²± Û Û²Û²± ²Û ²Û ± ±²ÛÛÛÛÛ² Û ²Û²± ²Û ²ÛÛÛÛÛÛ²± ±²ÛÛÛÛÛÛ² Û ±²ÛÛÛ² Û ±²ÛÛÛÛÛÛ²± ÛÛÛÛ²± ±Û²± ²Û ±²Û Û²° °²Û ÛÛ²± Û Û²° °²Û Û ±²Û² ²ÛÛ²±²Û Û Û±²ÛÛÛ²± Û Û± Û Û °²Û Û ±Û²²± ±²²Û± Û Û²° Û Û ±Û Û ±²ÛÛÛ²±Û Û Û²±²ÛÛ² ²Û²± Û Û²± °²Û Û ±²ÛÛ Û²± ±²Û Û²° Û² °²Û² ±²ÛÛÛÛ ²ÛÛÛÛÛÛ² Û ²ÛÛÛ²± Û ²ÛÛÛÛÛÛ² ÛÛÛÛÛÛ² Û² ²Û² Û ²ÛÛÛÛÛ² ² Û² Û² ±²Û²Û± ±Û ±²Û² ±²²Û²²²²²²Û² ±²Û²± ± ±²ÛÛÛ²²±±Û°°±±²²ÛÛÛÛ²± ±²Û²± ± ²Û²± ± Û ±²Û± ±²ÛÛÛ²± ²Û±° Û ± ²Û²± ± ±²Û² a CONDENSE production ±²ÛÛÛ²²±± ±±²²ÛÛÛ²± started in December 2011, finished in June 2013 ±²ÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛ²± Credits: Visuals by Ced Audio by DMA-SC (http://dma-sc.atari.org/) Programming by NoRecess (www.norecess.net) Disc loader by Arnoldemu (http://www.cpctech.org.uk/) Bitbuster (T&J) by Team Bomba (http://www.teambomba.net/bombaman/downloadd26a.html) Music player by Madram Thanks to our friends Overflow, Longshot and Toto for their support while creating Phortem Requirements: * Any CRTC types (including CRTC 2) * 128kb of RAM * An external 3.5" disc drive (or modded with an internal 3.5" disc drive) * Some memory expansions connected to a 464 will not be compatible with Phortem Files: - Double sided floppy version (DSK file format): * Phortem.dsk - Double sided floppy version (HxC Floppy Emulator): * Phortem.hfe To see Phortem you need: - OPTION 1 (Emulator) Recommended emulator is WinAPE (http://www.winape.net/) * Installation steps: 1. Launch WinAPE 2. Amstrad "Classic" (Old) version Make sure to have the following configuration * General / CRTC Type = 0 - HD6845S/UM6845 * General / Fast Disc Emulation = OFF * Display / ON-Screen Drive LED = ON * Display / Linear palette = ON 3. Amstrad Plus version (use this one if you can, it has enhanced palette) * General / CRTC Type = 3 - CPC+ ASIC * Enable Plus Features = ON * Plus PPI Emulation = ON * Display / ON-Screen Drive LED = ON * Display / Linear palette = ON 4. Select Phortem.dsk image 5. Run"Phortem - OPTION 2 (On a real machine) A CPC with a HxC Floppy Emulator (http://hxc2001.free.fr/floppy_drive_emulator/) * Installation steps: 1. Copy the .hfe file onto your SDCard. 2. Put the SDCard into the HxC Floppy Emulator 3. Select AUTOBOOT.HFE (press middle button for 2 seconds to select its disk image) 4. Launch HxC Floppy Emulator Manager 5. Select Phortem.hfe disc image you put into the SDCard 6. Quit HxC Floppy Emulator Manager 7. Select right slot for Phortem.hfe 8. Run"Phortem - OPTION 3 (On a real machine) A CPC with a 3.5" disc drive: * a blank 3.5" disc (preferably a Double Density - DD disc), * an older style PC with at least Windows XP, an internal 3.5" disc drive and on-board floppy disc controller * CPCDiscXP utility The recommended version is the one that came with Orion Prime. http://orion.cpcscene.com/ Other versions are here, but use at least v2.3: http://www.cpcmania.com/cpcdiskxp/cpcdiskxp.htm * Installation steps: 1. Run CPCDiskXP 2. Choose "DSK File->Disk" on the main window. 3. A dialog will open. Click on Open and pick the Phortem.dsk 4. Tick "Use Dsk GAP Information instead of calculating it" 5. Tick "Write DSK Side 1" and "Write DSK Side 2" 6. Click on Write Disk, the dsk should now be written to a real 3.5" disk. Check it is writing all 80 tracks and both sides. 7. When it's done, insert disk into CPC drive 8. Run"Phortem

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